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The tedious trudge to work and “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go” is a thing of the past. Today we see employees taking control of their work-life balance… Read more

If 2020 was about transitioning to remote work, 2021 is about transitioning to new work. Organizations are likely to see higher than usual turnover, with employee burnout a primary cause…. Read more

While there’s evidence to indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more manageable, we’re likely years away from fully understanding its impact. Scholars will spend years, if not decades working… Read more

This three-part series looks at what’s next for human resources and talent acquisition. Part one makes a case for 2021 as HR’s moment of radical praxis, part two for rebuilding… Read more

HR Strategies for Adapting to a Post-Pandemic World of Work COVID-19 has permanently impacted the global workforce. While every business, industry, and region is at a different stage of “re-opening,”… Read more

Your Workforce is Entirely Remote. How Should You Manage? The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up every industry and changed business models and consumer habits around the world. It’s created new… Read more

Just after Father’s Day, we found this data set interesting from Indeed. They mined hundreds of millions of job postings to pinpoint those that have keywords signifying family-friendly or flexible work… Read more

Admittedly “Be Well, Work Well” wasn’t my first choice at that time slot — I wanted to go to something on building employer brand, buzzword though that might be –… Read more

Actually, let’s just lead with the top 15: 1. Keller Williams Realty 2. Coldwell Banker 3. Cisco 4. Kaiser Permanente 5. Google 6. Capital One 7. Century 21 8. NIKE… Read more

I’m headed west next month to keynote at Lever’s Talent Innovation Summit. Last year’s Summit was kickass, and I’m intrigued to see how they continue to evolve and innovate both… Read more

It’s pretty obvious recruiting isn’t rocket science, but it might as well be.  The goal of talent management, after all, basically involves looking for “stars” and making sure they’re ‘aligned’… Read more

According to recent employment retention statistics, about half of all workers (51 percent) are thinking about leaving their jobs. If you want to keep your top talent, it’s important to… Read more

Balancing people and technology is something that managers (and everyone else, for that matter) seems to struggle with, no matter where in the world of work they happen to be… Read more

For an industry which prides itself on “none of us knew we were going to be recruiters,” those of us in talent acquisition seem to make it awful hard for… Read more

I was recently watching a bunch of those old black and white movies from the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. While I’d seen most of these classics before, this time I… Read more

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