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Learn how AI applications streamline the talent acquisition process, augment ATS, reduce bias, and improve hiring outcomes.

The discussion focused on the importance of building relationships with Gen Z candidates and adopting a high-touch recruitment approach, particularly for underrepresented talent in tech.

Recruiters: Elevate your job search with our exclusive webinar. Discover cutting-edge tactics and networking strategies from Rachel Serwetz, CEO and Career Coach. Learn to craft a dynamic job search strategy, analyze your efforts, and pivot towards success. Join us for goal-setting workshops, networking tips, and more to transform your job hunt. Secure your spot today for a career-changing experience!

Gem AI in Action: Smarter & Faster Recruiting


In this demo day session, Gem will be knocking your virtual socks off with the latest AI updates inside the Gem platform. Gem uses generative artificial intelligence with its proprietary data to help recruiters find the best candidates, personalize communication at scale, and hire talent faster.

Join us for a tactical session presented by Dom Walker, Manager – Diversity Sourcing at United Airlines, this isn’t just another webinar. It’s a deep dive into building your next dream team of top talent.

Learn how to craft phenomenal candidate journeys that attract top talent with these secrets to engaging candidates from first touch to onboarding with personalized, VIP-level interactions.

Join us as Brie Bastidas unravels the mysteries of AI recruiting. She’ll share real-world success stories and use cases from talent leaders, as well as easy and practical ways to incorporate AI to accelerate your talent sourcing and outreach.

Today’s graduates prioritize tech-savviness, work-life balance, and grapple with student debt. Elizabeth Diley, Randy Tarnowski, William Tincup, Kristi Sarles, and Joshua Bellis delve into the Class of 2024’s unique traits. This on-demand webinar will equip talent acquisition professionals with the insights needed to adapt recruitment and retention strategies for the evolving workforce. Stay ahead and effectively cater to the new generation’s needs.

In this deep dive, Dean will reveal his latest arsenal of undisclosed sourcing tools and techniques to help take your search skills to the next level.

Next-Generation Job Description Management


JDXpert, the leader in job description software, allows teams to bring structure and efficiencies to the way job descriptions are created and maintained.

HR Tech planning will suck you dry. But only if you let it. Face it, getting attention at HR Tech is a rewarding (but thankless and kick you in the ass) job. The suffering is real trying to stand out. But it doesn’t have to be!

Get ready to leave your competitors in the dust as you attract top-notch talent while they’re left with resumes as bland as unbuttered toast.

Bring out Your Inner Sourcing Superhero with Dean DaCosta! In a whirlwind session packed with more tips than a spinning tornado, sourcing guru Dean DaCosta reveals his arsenal of stealth… Read more

As the space grows more crowded, how can your brand make its mark? Join this session for your cheat sheet to boost your brand.

Join Katie Jenkins, Don Berman, and William Tincup to discover how to transition to a skills-first approach and leverage the often-underestimated resource – job descriptions – as the centerpiece of your skills-focused strategy.

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