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Todd Davis will show you his step-by-step approach on how to create a more organized and productive, agile recruiting process.

Join Shally Steckerl for a step-by-step walk through of the most useful recruiting and sourcing shortcuts in Excel Powertools.

Daniela (Dani) Herrera of R/GA walks you through opportunities to minimize biases, elevate talent from historically excluded communities, and learn how to embed inclusive and equitable strategies along the way.

Watch Datapeople CEO & Co-founder, Amit Bhatia, to learn how Datapeople builds better everyday habits among recruiters and hiring managers, enabling hiring teams to attract larger, more qualified, and more diverse applicant pools without spending a dollar more.

Jer Langhans puts the microscope on 15 sourcing hacks you’ve been using since 2015. He shows you which are still functioning and which are a waste of time, and in turn, gives you rundown on how to source talent outside of LinkedIN and your ATS with hacks that really work.

Your HR Data Journey has to start somewhere. Steven Atkins and Ragu Veeraraghavan of SplashBI show how taking small steps to transform your HR data can improve insights, increase internal mobility, and help focus your recruiting initiatives to drive better results.

Top talent impacts the bottom line. Join Todd Davis, Researcher for Executive Recruiting at ServiceNow, and Mike Rasmussen, Senior Recruiter at LDS, to learn how to identify, analyze, and present data meaningfully, helping your organization hire and retain the best talent, as well as appeal to stakeholders.

Dean Da Costa flies through 60 minutes of in-depth discovery. New tools, tricks, tips & chrome extensions proven to increase recruiter productivity.

See why Fortune 500 companies around the globe use SeekOut at an exclusive demo led by SeekOut’s Head of Customer Advocacy, Ed Pedini.

Marc Hamel shares methods for “Sourcing by Search Code,” covering a start-to-finish process of how to find, engage, and message talent on GitHub.

Please join Mark Rini of PeopleFluent and Ryan Leary of RecruitingDaily for an exclusive inside look at how the PeopleFluent Recruiting Platform can help you recruit.

Our very own Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Brian Fink is here to take us through 60 minutes of LIVE training on how to develop kick-ass habits that will boost your tech recruiting efficiency.

Now that video interviewing has become a staple of the hiring process, it’s important you understand all the ways you can use video interviews to engage top talent, streamline operations and make lasting hires—much faster than ever before.

Keirsten Greggs, Founder at #TRAPRecruiter, will guide you how to effectively, honestly, and openly talk to your candidates about your organization’s approach to diversity and inclusion.

If you’re struggling with your candidate outreach engagement metrics, it’s time to look at your email deliverability. In this session, Shally breaks down what you need to know for 2022.

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