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Building An Employer Brand: Who’s Telling Your Story?

When candidates investigate an employer, they are interested in the company’s reputation, culture, the people who work there and whether...


Weapon of Choice: Social Recruiting and Relevant Reach

At a recent Social Fresh Conference , there was a presentation given by Jay Baer that has caused quite a stir – Shotguns Trump Rifles:...


Why Content Marketing Matters for Recruiting & Hiring

Content marketing has been the topic of choice across the marketing and digital media world for some time now. Last year, LinkedIn...


Don’t Be That Guy: Turning the Table on LinkedIn Losers

I recently received this InMail from a certain LinkedIn user – and if you’re even tangentially connected to HR or recruiting,...

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Mission Possible: Precision Recruiting in a High-Pressure Job Market

Today’s job market creates an unprecedented level of competition for strong candidates. Recruiters vying for top talent alongside many...


Content Strategy Success: How To Get More Engagement From Social Media

Talent acquisition professionals regularly say, “I don’t want more applications, I want better applications.” When they...


4 Tips for Writing Better Blogs

I do a few things, when editing, that I find can turn pretty much any piece of generic copywriting – which is what corporate blogs...

Why Personal Branding is A Big Deal for Big Companies

Personal Branding has been the buzzword for the past couple of years.  Many have bought into it, but most have not.  There have been...

Brands on Fire: Igniting Passionate Conversations

In a typical day, brands will be mentioned 3.3 billion times around the world.  Your average American will mention a brand name 80 times a...

How To Spot A Lazy Recruiter

Top 3 Recruitment Takeaways from the Australian Talent Conference

Our top 3 recruitment takeaways from the Australian Talent Conference 2014.