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LinkedIn Is Still The King…For Now

Software Advice, an Austin based subsidiary of Gartner Inc. designed to help consumers choose the right software for their needs, recently...

LinkedIn v. HiringSolved

LinkedIn And HiringSolved Settle Highly Publicized Lawsuit

Since LinkedIn first filed its complaint against HiringSolved back in January, the case and its developments have been highly publicized...


How To Recruit Like A King: 23 Tips For Ruling at Recruiting

When you’re a King, you don’t need long introductions or lengthy leads, because, well, people already know you rule. So...


Faking it on LinkedIn

How do you handle a faker on LinkedIn? Our tips for inappropriate profiles and spam on LinkedIn


Preemptive Strike: LinkedIn Killing Key Rapportive Features

It’s no secret that most recruiters have a love-hate relationship with LinkedIn. But whether they’re frustrated with price...

Job search

Think Job Boards Are Dead? Think Again.

Rumors of the death of job boards, with apologies to Mark Twain, might be greatly exaggerated, but that hasn’t stopped their reported...

computer search

LinkedIn & HiringSolved: Why You Should Care (Even If You’re Not in Recruiting)

In January, LinkedIn filed a 17 page complaint targeting unknown defendants in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of...

Check list

Mom and Pop Shop: A Tech Checklist for Your Grandparents

Read this tech checklist for seniors starting a new business.

Bullhorn and LinkedIn Integration Signal Seismic Shift For Staffing Systems

When Bullhorn radically revamped their product suite with a sleek new user experience designed explicitly to create end user efficiencies...


HiringSolved: A Look at the Startup Behind the LinkedIn Lawsuit

Chances are you’re familiar with LinkedIn’s recent round of legal actions, initially filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern...

iCIMS july 2014_728x90