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Throwdown: Can LinkedIn Take On Salesforce?

As the dust settles from Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, the rumors have just begun to swirl. The first wave of reactions were...


What The Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn Means for Recruiting.

While I’m generally pretty good at reading the M&A market in the HR Technology space, I admit that the announcement that...


Championing The Underdog: Why There’s No Such Thing As A “Super Recruiter.”

A year or so ago, I saw an internal recruiter from Hewlett Packard bragging on LinkedIn about how successful he and his team had been in...

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Why LinkedIn Customer Service Is The Ultimate Oxymoron.

Turns out there’s good news, there’s bad news, and there’s LinkedIn Customer Service. At least, this was the discovery I...


Smoke on the Water: How To Really Fight Recruiter Spam.

I don’t think it’s unfair to call spam “the fossil fuel of recruiting” – it’s cheap, it’s easy...


LION Hunting: Why “LinkedIn Open Networkers” Deserve to Be Shot.

I hate to kick someone when they’re already down. In fact, I’m surprised I can, all things considered. Seriously. For all the...


Creative Sourcing: The Legend Continues.

It started, as so many of these sad stories do, in one of those meetings – you know the type. The one with the client, or the hiring...

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The Rise and Fall of LinkedIn: A Recruiting Requiem.

There’s nothing new about M&A in the HR Technology Industry; after all, big fish swallows little fish is how most top tier talent...


No Time for Losers: Why We Love To Hate Recruiters.

Pick any trending topic that’s top of mind in recruiting right now, from the candidate experience to onboarding. Chances are that...

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