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executive order

Small Steps, But A Start: Breaking Down Employment Discrimination’s Final Barrier

New Executive Order mandating employer anti-discrimination against LGBT workers signals step towards breaking down a final barrier to...


Do You Need A Best Friend At Work?

We are sometimes asked why we don’t have the ‘best friend at work’ question in our engagement and culture surveys. Apart...


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (Seriously): Why You Can Still Be Fired for Being Gay

I remember the day Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed. As a proud army brat, it was really powerful for me to see the US Military, this...


The Top Three Talent Takeaways From #SHRM14

Last week, I attended my very first SHRM Annual Conference in Orlando – along with fellow Brandon Hall Group analysts Trish...


The Imminent, Inevitable Breakup of Recruiting and HR

Conference agendas often skew tidily to the side of the conference organizer’s own agenda, and their speaker selection tends to...

Why Does Everyone Hate HR?

Many people believe HR is: Old. Slow. Dowdy. Bloated. Bureaucratic. Run by middle-aged women who like cats. Some of that is true —...

Say Something: The Emotional Impact of Candidate Experience

We think, and talk a lot about, the need to “Say Something” to attract an audience.  Send a message…. push it out....

Why Personal Branding is A Big Deal for Big Companies

Personal Branding has been the buzzword for the past couple of years.  Many have bought into it, but most have not.  There have been...

Quit Job

The Real Reason Why People Leave Companies

Most of us have heard time and time again that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers”. I can’t recall...


Conscious Uncoupling, HR Style: Is SHRM Screwed?

A breakdown of the relationship between SHRM and HRCI.