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Todd Davis will show you his step-by-step approach on how to create a more organized and productive, agile recruiting process.

Todd Davis will show you his step-by-step approach on how to create a more organized and productive, agile recruiting process.

Habits for a Successful Sourcer in Stressful Times Providing high-quality work in times that you are dealing with high-stress levels can be challenging. However, there are several steps you can… Read more

Your Workforce is Entirely Remote. How Should You Manage? The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up every industry and changed business models and consumer habits around the world. It’s created new… Read more

How to Avoid the ‘Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome’ in HR Tech   Enterprises spend more time, money and energy than ever before on new HR tech solutions. According to PwC’s 2020… Read more

Managing the unmanageable: can technology help overcome the challenges of managing large teams of gig workers? Scheduling and managing hourly workers are challenging. Event-based companies such as caterers, entertainment venues,… Read more

    “take the opportunity to dig into your stack and learn how your technologies fit together” When it comes to recruiting, no two hires look the same. From an… Read more

Most of the time, we talk about diversity and inclusion as if they function in tandem and take hold simultaneously. In reality, that’s not always how it happens at a… Read more

Look at this. It’s from here: Yep. But see, the thing is, it’s about much more than meetings and emails. Those are time sucks, for sure, but the picture is… Read more

The transition between the end of a year and the beginning of a new one can be a busy time for HR departments: there are policies to review and update,… Read more

The 35,000-foot view Tuesday night when the Expo Hall at HR Tech 2018 opened, I was trying to meet up with some people and ended up doing about five-six laps… Read more

Here’s a new article where, seemingly, some Australian consultant gets a bunch of top dogs (execs) in a room and asks: “What is your broader strategy?” They go off and write… Read more

This article was co-written with Ben Dattner, an executive coach and organizational development consultant, and the founder of New York City–based Dattner Consulting, LLC. (You can follow him on Twitter… Read more

I’ve had a bunch of different jobs, and at every single one, someone in a middle management role or higher has constantly referred to how understaffed their department (or organization)… Read more

If you read this headline and work as a recruiter/sourcer, probably the first thing you’re going to think is “They give unclear job descriptions and expect us to work magic!”… Read more

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