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Studies state that 40% of the recruitment specialist’s time is spent browsing resumes or entering all acquired data into ATS. The conventional recruitment process was typically time-consuming due to the… Read more

Download The Definitive Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting to remove the complexity, add clarity to the role AI plays in recruiting activities, and provide straightforward information on AI’s positive impact on HR and TA teams.

How can Artificial Intelligence Help Recruiters? The role of AI across industries and sectors have crossed the stage of being an in-trend technology.  The time when businesses were incorporating AI… Read more

Sourcing vs AI – Who Will Prevail? Artificial intelligence will replace Sourcers within five years. The battle will be sourcing vs AI, and AI will win. Unless Sourcers do something about… Read more

  “companies need to both embrace new technology and retain talented recruiters” AI may have only recently emerged into the popular consciousness, but it is certainly not new. People have… Read more

  Artificial Intelligence speeds up the recruitment process by removing manual tasks and makes the recruiter more productive What’s the Need for AI in HR? The HR functions comprise of… Read more

New technology, increased pressure to prove business impact, and a complex hiring landscape are just a few factors behind the rapid evolution of HR. To meet business demands for strategic… Read more

In Aristotle’s great treatise Poetics, the great philosopher laid out the basic framework for storytelling and drama that’s still fundamental to Western culture – a legacy that can be traced through… Read more

There is no doubt, the future of recruiting and sourcing will be embedded in artificial intelligence (AI). We are sure by now you have seen several of the new artificial intelligence recruiting… Read more

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, that artificial intelligence is coming to Human Resources. Of course, the manifold marketing materials and click baiting content dedicated to this growing, uh, phenomenon… Read more

Trovix was my first contact with what I envisioned A.I., or artificial intelligence, to be when it came to recruitment. It was 10 years ago and vendors claiming to be… Read more

Since the Industrial Revolution, the pace of technological advancement has been something of a mixed blessing when it comes to job creation (or retraction). As major industries moved from the… Read more

  At some point in the future, Sourcers could be replaced by bots. From what I have been observing at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, the most disruptive companies in the HR… Read more

Generation Z (Gen Z) is an important workforce portion, so hiring them in the fast-changing talent acquisition industry requires a specialized strategy. Previous generations are less tech-savvy, socially conscious and… Read more

As the labor market recovers, businesses are ramping up hiring. But finding good talent is always challenging, especially amidst a tight labor market and struggling recruiting teams. According to a… Read more

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