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internet of things

The Internet of Things: Why Employers and Recruiters Should Care

Perhaps as important as any trend in technology is the process of making dumb technology smart.  This shift is more commonly referred to...

iCIMS Susan Vitale

Mission Possible: Precision Recruiting in a High-Pressure Job Market

Today’s job market creates an unprecedented level of competition for strong candidates. Recruiters vying for top talent alongside many...


Big Data, Big Problems: Why Relevant Data Matters Most

This past spring in Philadelphia, I had the honor to serve as the emcee for the 2014 iTalent HR Technology Competition, thrown in...


Death Watch: A Eulogy for Top Recruiting Technology “Trends”

Recruiting and HR pundits sure seem to like writing obituaries.  Hell, there’s an entire cannon of posts, white papers and corporate...


3 Software Solutions to Streamline Performance Reviews

While employee appraisal methods (also known as performance reviews) have had their fair share of critics, a lot of companies praise them...


3 Ways To Raise Your Talent IQ

The next big transformation in human capital management is underway, led by changes in talent acquisition. While candidate expectations are...

Job search

Think Job Boards Are Dead? Think Again.

Rumors of the death of job boards, with apologies to Mark Twain, might be greatly exaggerated, but that hasn’t stopped their reported...


Sales Technology: Top Tools & Apps for Closing Deals On the Road

Away from home, away from your colleagues and your office – it’s challenging to stay focused on the road, particularly if you’re...

How To Spot A Lazy Recruiter

Top 3 Recruitment Takeaways from the Australian Talent Conference

Our top 3 recruitment takeaways from the Australian Talent Conference 2014.


4 Candidate Relationship Management Fundamentals

4 candidate relationship management every talent acquisition team should know.

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