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Explore the hidden expenses of turnover and how it is impacting your income statement more than you realize. Discover strategic insights to mitigate costs, enhance productivity, and foster a stable, engaged workforce.

Todd Davis will show you his step-by-step approach on how to create a more organized and productive, agile recruiting process.

Todd Davis will show you his step-by-step approach on how to create a more organized and productive, agile recruiting process.

There is a ton of data on the web. Big data is all the talk and rage. But most companies are trying to figure out what to do with it all?

Jon figured it out. Why not utilize the tons of data available in online communities, along with all the social media data being pushed out, and build millions of profiles of potential candidates?

I took an example of life and how the sourcing of candidates is very similar to our life. In life, our choices are the keywords and we either choose to go ahead with them OR drop them. Right choices bring expected results and if we do not put them in right order – it all messes up.

This is a serious problem that will only lead to greater failures. These are large mega companies with billion dollar brands and trillion dollar dreams. Companies that on the surface have elegantly articulated the process for their talent community but have genuinely failed at any backend process that would be recognized as mediocre.

Sourcing for candidates can be simple or it can be frustrating. Putting aside the intricacies of deep web searching this series will be dedicated to listing and explaining some best practices around leveraging people search tools to find and attract great talent.

In October I spoke at ProjectSAME (for you outside the DC Metro area that it the Staffing Alliance of Maryland Employers). The presentation was focused on my adjustment to my new work life as a Strategic Recruiting Manager after my former life as Technical Writer and Sourcing Researcher.

Top HR and Recruitingn technology is hard to find, let alone make a decission to invest. Here is the most recent list from HREonline that you might find to be helpful in your decision making process.

I get emails and calls daily asking how can I use Facebook for recruiting? Well, it’s not always about recruiting when using “social tools” like Facebook. Social tools are also… Read more

It seems that when you mention the terms Social, Recruiting or Sourcing 99.9% of recruiters say oh, yes I already use LinkedIn. Though I will say that LinkedIn is solid it is certainly not the answer for everything. However the reader love it so here are some great posts of sourcing with LinkedIn!

Candidates will now search for jobs, click on posting summaries, and immediately be taken to your web site to both read the posting and apply to it. Think Google, where you search Google

I’ve written about these guys a few times because I like them. Genuinely nice people and the product just makes sense for recruiters. Twitter can certainly be an asset to recruiters but it’s often a detractor. The team at Work Digital are working to make some of these features

Data extraction is key to a sourcers job. Gathering leads in a fast efficient manner is often the difference between making a placement and losing a fee. Check out this Firefox add-on called OutWit. It’s serious and can change your desk in a serious way.

If it’s free it’s for me. That seems to be the mantra these days. We’ve been getting a lot of questions around free resources not just for sourcing but for job posting as well. Here are 5 free job posting sites that I use to help spread the word of openings I am working.

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