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Earlier today I was delivering a Boolean Training session for our new members in the sourcing team. My aim was to simplify the Boolean concept for sourcing. Often it is mistaken that “Boolean” is very scientific and relatively tough which is why people tend to ignore. Finally – I found the connection!!! Very simple and life-like (!)…

I took an example of life and how the sourcing of candidates is very similar to our life. In life, our choices are the keywords and we either choose to go ahead with them OR drop them. Right choices bring expected results and if we do not put them in right order – it all messes up.

Sounding familiar to how we build search strings in sourcing?

Let’s look at each Boolean operator


We keep adding many variables into our life to try to make it perfect.

Money AND happiness AND satisfaction AND “work-life balance” AND fun AND adventure AND hobbies.

Very little we realize – more AND’s we put in this search; lesser the results will be.

It’s more important to use combination of these at right times. That is a best way to extract most out of life. Do not restrict your search results!!!


One of the most important operators from the list!!

It is imperative that we look out for alternate options if your desired variable is not available at the particular time. We waste lot of time waiting at something which may not be available. It is better we look for alternative ways to progress.

Work Satisfaction = Money OR passion OR dedication OR enthusiasm OR excellence

We tend to forget that if we excel in what we believe – money will follow!!

Perfect substitute?? 🙂


Sometimes we need to draw a boundary and should not go beyond our own limits. When you know what you can not compromise on – it’s really easy to filter it out to get your desired results.

Money AND fame AND satisfaction AND love NOT unethical

Even though you say “No Strings Attached”, these strings bind you together as one unit. These variables build your character (read resume) and help you to grow as a mature person (read grow in your career).

All our life we shuffle across various search strings with time and condition using different combination of choices (keywords). Our aim is to get perfect life.

What we forget however is just like “There is no such thing as perfect search string”; you can not have a “Perfect Life”. Learn to use AND, OR and NOT at right time, at right place with right keywords.

Have fun with your search strings!!!!

By Noel Cocca

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