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Are you in the market for a new Recruiter or Sourcer job? Something that you may have not considered is that you can use some sourcing and productivity extension tools… Read more

Every Friday in case you missed it, “The Week That Was” is your recruiting rundown. All you need to know about anything that matters is new in recruiting. We go… Read more

You can’t go to college to earn a Recruiting degree.  So how do you learn? Of course, you come here to RecruitingTools, RecruitingDaily, and RecruitingBlogs for the fundamentals. Additionally, you will… Read more

How do you describe “great” talent? I’d say you know talent when you hear it, but articulating why someone is great isn’t so simple. Whether you work at a staffing… Read more

When are you bringing Cheezhead back? I get this question regularly. For industry vets who are old enough to remember Cheezhead, you probably get it. For those who aren’t, Cheezhead was a… Read more

The increasing overlap, and potentially inextricable intertwining of recruitment and marketing has been a central theme in the HR industry, the subject of a prodigal amount of product marketing, ‘thought… Read more

Even with the proliferation of social networks, search engines and SaaS solutions available to recruiters today, referrals continue to represent the most effective source of hire for employers, proof that… Read more

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) were designed to track requisitions and candidates as a system of record, but when it comes to actually engaging with candidates, most of these systems fail… Read more

Twitter can’t be beat when it comes to business development.  Sure, it’s good for engagement, and great for sharing content.  That’s what it’s really designed for, after all.  But the… Read more

Challenge: I went out and bought a cool domain name to advertise jobs and openings but I get little response. This social media stuff sucks.
This is a great start, and if you are using wordpress among others you’ll get some kick organic…

Advanced searching with LinkedIn’s UI has gotten better. The features are mostly the same, but the layout has made life a lot easier. This coupled with a few added deatires have made sourcing with LinkedIn easier and more effective for recruiters that may not be overly advanced with search.

Network makeup creates the foundation for a strong recruitment campaign when leveraging LinkedIn as a sourcing tool. Recruiting with LinkedIn requires skill and a thorough understanding of the baseline fundamentals of degrees of separation.

Establish a scorecard to send to your customers to rank the performance of your Recruitment Team. Measuring between 5-10 factors is ideal. My email address is included at the conclusion of this post. Feel free to email me for examples of how this template can be constructed

The technology landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. Every month new tools are emerging within social media, video, mobile technologies, etc. and tools to manage all the tools. With so many avenues available it is easy to get swept up

  I’m not 100% sure how I feel right now. From a football perspective, the man (I use this term lightly) is incredible. As a human he’s a piece of… Read more

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