Check out Google Bookmarks “How To” **Note: This is not a recruiting example so you’ll have to relate this to recruiting**

In October I spoke at ProjectSAME (for you outside the DC Metro area that it the Staffing Alliance of Maryland Employers).  The presentation was focused on my adjustment to my new work life as a Strategic Recruiting Manager after my former life as Technical Writer  and Sourcing Researcher.  And of course, paramount to this discussion was tools.  Because now I’m in the throes of managing candidates, their profiles, contact and more.  And to be honest, time is precious.

But Google helps, immensely.

Here’s my Core 4 that help me get my job done and I’d be lost without:

Chrome: If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, you know I’m a nut about Chrome.  I have about 5 extensions that I use regularly:, LightShot, See Google Similar Pages, ChromedBird, and ChromeIn.  I only use IE now because of icims or the occasional webinar that requires it.  That’s the only reason.  When I can drop it forever I will.

Bookmarks: I used to believe in hyper organizing my bookmarks.  But now I have 5 main folders:

  • Directories – have more than 200 just 60 days into the gig, so they earned a bookmark of their own
  • Team (that’s my team…data specific to their individual needs)
  • Search Strings (Templates stored first, favorites and works in progress fall in line)
  • Resources
  • Social Media Niche (I’m constantly on the hunt for niche sites…this helps me track them)

Docs: Brian Solis has a great quote… “Keep It Simple and Shareable” and that fits my team to a T.   We have increased our review time and eliminated about a 100 emails a day just by sharing information via the cloud.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Custom Search Engines:These are amazing.  If you don’t know how to create one, go get training on how.  The ability to target my search across select competitors, or industry organizations, or social networks or whatever is huge.  And I don’t have to deal with all the other random results I’m not interested in.  Completely friendly to all of Google’s unique operators too.

I’m sure there will be items that I tweak and drop over time.  Part of my job is to figure out how I can get the most done in the least amount of time.  And where free is available and quality is top notch, I’m there.