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The reality we face, post-pandemic, is that many individuals feel far more willing to shift positions, seek out new challenges and change employment gears. Job seekers desiring a more flexible… Read more

There are many sources we can use to identify talent, many of which include using platforms such as Twitter, SeekOut, Instagram, Github, personal websites, and more. However, what about leveraging the… Read more

LinkedIn Xray Search by Recruitment Geek lets you dramatically speed up your LinkedIn headhunting.  You can easily sift through this database of LinkedIn profiles by combining a host of candidate… Read more

Every recruiter hits a point in their career where they go, “I love how I can search millions of people on LinkedIn. But there has to be a better way!”… Read more

  Match Jobs to Candidates with ZapInfo’s Talent Matching   Zapinfo has released a new feature that should help make your life easier. Especially in the event that you are… Read more

  Find email addresses with Kaspr!   We love these free Chrome Extensions, and we have another one for you to check out! This tool is called Kaspr, (yes, like the… Read more

Avoid LinkedIn’s Search Limit for free with Linkedlimits!   LinkedLimits is a brand new and free Chrome extension, and using it will help you avoid hitting that frustrating search limit… Read more

  Boost your ability to source more leads with Source500!   We have another brand new tool called Source 500. This is a great little tool that expands on your… Read more

  Save time and effort making lead connections with the Reach   Search Authority Dean Da Costa takes us through an inside look at the Reach, a Chrome extension tool… Read more

LeadCandy Recruiting Tool


  Build targeted prospect lists and unlock common connections with is an interesting tool that will allow users to search people by title matches and locations within the… Read more

“Find Linkedin contact info for free”   SalesQL is a tool that works as a Chrome Extension to find contact info on LinkedIn. The extension works in tandem with an… Read more

Kendo: Social Email Finder


Kendo is a free tool worth adding to your collection Kendo is a tool for finding contact information that works as a free Chrome Extension. It’s a fairly straightforward tool,… Read more

Free People Search Tool is a fairly simple tool, but it cuts steps and time out of your search process. Basically, the tool is a custom search engine that searches… Read more

  Uproc makes LinkedIn more functional   Uproc for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension that quickly pulls information from a LinkedIn page for easy access. It only works on LinkedIn,… Read more

“Help Wanted” Recruitment advertisement evolved from the early years of “Help Wanted” and “Vacancy Available” posters on the streets to ads in newspapers to internet ads. With the birth of… Read more

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