Avoid LinkedIn’s Search Limit for free with Linkedlimits!


LinkedLimits is a brand new and free Chrome extension, and using it will help you avoid hitting that frustrating search limit imposed by LinkedIn’s Commercial Use policy!

It allows you to search as many profiles as you want for free, and without paying for a LinkedIn Premium account! There is no registration required, you can just install it and then turn the extension on.

How it works. It is able to exploit the weak spots in LinkedIn search. It doesn’t emulate a browser and there are no scraping algorithms embedded, so their claim is that you won’t get in trouble with LinkedIn for using this. We are still doing our tests, but are seeing normal LinkedIn browser “calls” during use, and so far so good. LinkedIn will either find a way to stop this down the road, or they can’t see if you’re using it or not. We aren’t sure, but we want you to know about it!

It could be safe, we can’t say for sure. Just be smart about using it! You can read more on their website here. It’s definitely something to keep your eye on!

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: