“Find Linkedin contact info for free”


SalesQL is a tool that works as a Chrome Extension to find contact info on LinkedIn. The extension works in tandem with an application/site that allows you to store and sort your found contacts.

From the LinkedIn site, the SalesQL extension works on the side of the screen, displaying the people you are currently viewing.

  • You have to option to “Add” each person to your SalesQL. This displays the relevant email addresses.
  • SalesQL find both personal and professional email addresses.
  • You can also add each contact to specific projects, which are created and viewed from the SalesQL site.
  • SalesQL provides 100 free credits per month, meaning you can easily build up a large assortment of talent at no cost.

SalesQL has a very simple user interface, making it easy to use and keeping to focus on the profiles you have found.

From the SalesQL site, you can easily view—and download—the information you have collected. The information can then be imported into other projects, making this a great tool to use in any workflow.

With such a simple user experience, and so many free credits, there’s no reason not to try out SalesQL. ~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: