Boost your ability to source more leads with Source500!


We have another brand new tool called Source 500. This is a great little tool that expands on your existing LinkedIn Recruiter account. It does a lot and the way it works involves a neat little trick that we will explain below!

Let’s get into what it does.

  • Open the program, it is a standalone desktop application, not a browser extension.
  • Once you launch the program and login, it will auto-launch LinkedIn.
  • Now, it launches LinkedIn, but it does so within a browser called Chromium.
  • This browser works differently and activity is not as public so you may get away with a little more than you’re used to. Sign in to LinkedIn and you get taken into your Recruiter account search page.

We’re going to see how to source some candidates now. We know some information and we want to really target a specific skill set for it, so first put in a job title, and then your specific skills. We can refine by location, and refine even further with a ton of different options. In this example, we chose the first name. This narrows our potential search results down to only 7 people. Pretty neat, but there’s more: Now we can capture those candidates!

If we click that capture button, what it’s going to do is gather all the available information on those people, and then it’s going to go a step further and find me contact information! This is the magic part, where it finds all the contact information. The tool will typically find about 65% of the emails that you need. In this particular example, we’ve found emails and phone numbers for 3 out of the 7. Not bad, and we can use some of the other tools in our arsenal to find the rest. We take that data and can export to CSV and can do whatever we want with it.

What’s really cool, is because this tool is doing searches within this Chromium browser, LinkedIn can’t mess with it. We know someone that was able to download over 1,000 contacts using this tool in less than an hour! LinkedIn can’t limit your searches with this tool, because they can’t see them, which is the best part. You get credits to capture contacts, which you can choose from their pricing plan depending on what your needs will be.

So there we have it! Another tool for your toolbelt!

~ Noel Cocca

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