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The Current Hiring Process for C-Suite Roles in Retail It’s clear that across the global economy, labor shortages are presenting a significant challenge for business. This is particularly true in… Read more

It’s hard to find candidates more well-matched for leadership roles than Junior Military Officers − or JMOs. JMOs are commissioned leaders of the military and represent only about 3.5% of the… Read more

I’m pretty interested in onboarding best practices. Might seem weird to you, because I’ve never worked in HR — and isn’t onboarding specifically the domain of HR? That’s how it’s… Read more

I’ve never written about succession planning before, so today seemed to be as good a time as any to get that going. If you’ve never heard the term before, “succession… Read more

What matters to me SHRM has been talking about mentorship a good deal recently, including an article on “How To Find The Right HR Mentor” and another on “Elevating The… Read more

Man, it’s kinda depressing how everything in business that could have meaning somehow became a buzzword. Today’s example: “talent sourcing.” Let me set up a few things for you. Regardless of how you… Read more

Time to Disrupt Recruiting Fees?


If technology is helping recruiting, then why are recruiting fees the same? Picture it: New York City. 1992. Hazy autumn afternoon, Wall Street. Mr. Carl, Esq., has had another row… Read more

When headhunting firms consider expanding their services beyond traditional executive search and selection, collaboration becomes key to their success. Most executive search firms maintain a central database to help them… Read more

Regardless of how you feel about it politically, the Trump Administration has pulled together and passed the biggest tax overhaul in 30 years. Let’s explore how the new tax law… Read more

  “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research.”        – Albert Einstein If you work with talent, you may hold the role of… Read more

For an industry which prides itself on “none of us knew we were going to be recruiters,” those of us in talent acquisition seem to make it awful hard for… Read more

This post is dedicated to all those recruiters out there who give a shit about what they do. I know that you’re out there, which is why it saddens me… Read more

Throughout the course of my career, I’ve found myself involved in a seemingly infinite amount of existential (and extraneous) coversations about just how stupid candidates thought recruiters really were, a… Read more

Too many people throw way too much shade at recruiters. The fact is that most recruiters, contrary to popular belief, actually go the extra mile for their candidates and clients,… Read more

Companies are often reluctant to hire outside recruiting help when they have in-house HR resources or dedicated in-house recruiting teams, especially when a company is in a growth stage and… Read more

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