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Subconsciously Make People Think About You: Building a Sick Recruitment Marketing Program In this episode, Ryan Leary and Brian Fink rap with Lara Oettinger (pronounced Ott-Inger), the Aero Recruitment Marketing Liaison &… Read more

MatcHR – If You Have WiFi And A Laptop – You Can Be Outsourced with Adriaan Kolff Our focus today is the star of COVID-era talent acquisition: Remote Work.  “If… Read more

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – November 13, 2020 Press play to listen to this article!   ADP Integrates ZipRecruiter, Workforce Now ADP and ZipRecruiter announced a new integration that makes… Read more

Everything Old in Recruiting is New Again What a time to be alive!  Artificial intelligence for candidate matching. Advanced site Boolean strings. Free sites for phone numbers and email addresses…. Read more

Why is personalized candidate nurturing a compelling long-term strategy? If there is one must-have skill for a recruiter, it is long-term candidate nurturing. Candidate nurturing should be a recruiter’s routine operation. … Read more

How to Transition From an Agency Recruiter into a Corporate Recruiter and 4 Things To Consider In this Sourcing School episode, we talk with Rob Beck, serial agency, Google Search Engine… Read more

HCM Talent Technology Roundup November 6, 2020 Employers Prefer HR Tech ‘Ecosystems’ Over Single Suites While it’s certainly disrupted business operations around, the Covid-19 pandemic has spurred a wave of… Read more

Rehumanize Recruiting


Rehumanize Recruiting In today’s noisy recruiting tech landscape, comprised of AI, algorithms, and all-in-one solutions, it’s difficult to know if your own tool stack is yielding the best results. Even… Read more

Massive List of Sourcing Tools to Recruit on GitHub with Jonathan Kidder Jonathan Kidder AKA The “Wizard Sourcer” is a content producing machine with the ability to see things that… Read more

We’re all responsible for Diversity and Inclusion! When we hear the terms diversity and inclusion, what comes to mind? Who do we think is responsible for diversity, inclusion, and company… Read more

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: October 30, 2020 Press play to listen to this article!   Symphony Talent Adds Interviews to SmashFlyX Symphony Talent’s SmashFlyX became the latest recruiting platform to… Read more

Does TA Understand Passive Talent Engagement? As a talent acquisition consultant, specializing in the areas of sourcing and recruitment marketing, I am frequently asked to aid in hard-to-find candidate pursuits…. Read more

Black Women are the Backbone How reactions to Kamala Harris’ Vice-Presidential nomination highlight the broader Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work that needs to be done across industries. Many learned during… Read more

Sourcing without a Job Description Although I am relatively new to the Talent Acquisition industry, over the past several years, receiving a job title and nothing else from my hiring… Read more

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: October 23, 2020 Press play to listen to this article!   Workday Pushes Idea of ‘Talent Mobility’ Workday launched its Talent Marketplace, an employee mobility solution that… Read more

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