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These Sourcing Hacks Are So 2015

Jer Langhans, Founder of Paired Sourcing, uncover the 15 sourcing hacks we’ve been using since 2015, and pick them apart thread by thread.

Please keep in mind: these are hacks you may still be using.

Five of these should be put to rest, and the rest are still alive and thriving. Some are even more relevant and evolved now than they were seven years ago.

Jer walks you through an in-depth investigation of which are still functioning and which are basically a huge waste of your time, and in turn, give you a hefty rundown on how to source talent outside of LinkedIN and your ATS.

You’ll learn:

  • Hacks for sourcing software engineers on Github, both natively & without any modern tooling.
  • What Boolean is actually applicable in modern Google.
  • Diversity Sourcing Hacks: are you doing more harm than good?

It’s quote time:

“All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

If you know Jer like we know Jer, you know he’s one of the greatest sourcers in the industry. Time to update that bag of tricks.

Presented By
Jer Langhans
Founder Paired Sourcing

Jer is the Founder of Paired Sourcing, inventor of Sourcing Sprint. He has also served as a Startup Advisor; 4 Exits. He is a Brand Leader at Starbucks & Expedia, the "OG" Microsoft Sourcer, and an Executive Advisor
at hirize_hr.

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