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Can Twitter Product Pages Change the Recruiting Landscape?

Let’s get right to it. The new functionality of Twitter product pages will make it easier not only to find candidates that will fit...


Why Your HR Lady Hates Social Media.

Once upon a time (1991, to be exact, the same year Bryan Adams assured us Everything I Do, I Do It For You, Anthony Hopkins ordered up some...


Dashboard Confessional: How To Lie With Social Recruiting Analytics

As someone who’s more or less grown up with the commoditization and corporate adoption of social media, and as someone who gets paid to...


Bad Influence: Why Industry Lists Should Kick the Bucket.

If you’re one of those recruiters who’s at all in tune with the conversation happening in closed Facebook groups, niche...

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Tweeting and Sneezing: 2014 Social Media Lessons Learned

I can generally beat colds before they start. My time-honored prescription is soup, tea and lots of cold meds, which almost always does...


How To Use Other People’s Online Content

Not sure how to use other people's online content without copyright infringement? We have your How To.


Sourcing Your Way To A New Job Through Social Stalking

Recruiters talk a lot about ‘candidate experience,’ but here’s a chance to actually get feedback (or at least get...

Twitter Tips

Top 12 Twitter Tips for Social Recruiting Success

Twitter. It’s everywhere… on the news, in commercials, on TV shows, in print advertisements and there’s no escaping it...

Twitter Chats: Avoiding The Wisdom of Crowds

I was asked to contribute a few thoughts recently on how a particular Twitter chat changed my life, or something similarly specious....

Social Networking Pages Impact Job Hires

Sponsored Blog Post With the massive explosion of social networking all happening within the past five years or so, experts are just coming...

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