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This is the first of a series of posts that I’m going to be posting for Ryan over the next few months, and i’m going to do somthing different.

Through my work with #tru, I get to look at a lot of applications, tools and channels that can be used for recruiting, HR and internal coms. Most of them have atleast an entry level free version that you can try out, play around with and determine if they work before you make an investment. (some will stay free for ever!). I also read a lot of blogs that point me towards these applications. Twitter is like on on-line mall for these things.

In each of these posts I’m going to share 5 cool tools that I’ve found that you can go and have a look at.

  • If I list somthing, i’m not endorsing how well it works. I’m just saying that it works for me. (I won’t post anything I haven’t tried.)
  • I’m not going to tell you how to use it. Thats up to you to look at it and work out if it fits in your toolbox.
  • I will answer any questions or thoughts you may have via the comments section.
  • I will give you a brief description of what it is.
  • I won’t call anything a must have, that’s your choice.
  • I promise not to use the words “Transparent”, “Brand”, “Engage”, “Conversation”, “Authenticity” or any other Cool Aid Terms.

You can read all about these topics elsewhere. Just google them!

I’m not paid by anyone to promote them, though I will accept Beer or simmilar donations!

My 5 for this week:

Wordle.Net – Produces a word cloud from any document you copy and feed in. Bios, Job descriptions, resumes, profiles etc

Linked In Job Insider – discrete toolbar that works with Li and 7 job boards. shows your connections to the company, relationship to the hiring manager, share and lots of other functionality.

Twitteranalyzer– Comprehensive range of stats on twitter use by named accounts and their following

BranchOut – Turns facebook in to a Linked In type network, with added job posting/sharing function.

Addict-O-Matic – Aggregates web content from multiple channels on a target name or company.

That is this weeks 5. let me know how you get on, or recommend your own.

Remember to play nicely with each other!


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