A little different type of post today. It’s sticks to the tool theme, but it’s written with a little curiosity. If Tweetdeck or your favorite Twitter client did not exist would Twitter be what is today?

As with all sites social, Twitter aims to keep ahead of the game integrating much requested features. Ironically the main site Twitter.com is surprisingly boring and really not all that interactive. It’s a challenge that I find to be pretty silly since apps like Tweetdeck have changed the way the Twitter game is played.

An interesting question would be if Tweetdeck were to go away, would you still tweet?

Just today on the Twitter blog, @jennadawn talks about a new feature that will surely help to create a better user experience. hover1It’s called Hovercards. It’s in beta now so not everyone will see this but essentially it’s a feature that will allow you to hover over the username of a follower to see more information. Pretty basic stuff.

The addition here is that you will now have the opportunity to interact with the tweet. By hovering, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with, follow and learn more about those that have been re-tweeted without having to leave the page you are on.  Now that’s useful.

But I haven’t tweeted on Twitter.com for a very long time and I do not think this will bring me back.

Which leads me to the second pretty cool new feature. Recently released and not so talked about Local Trends. I’ll admit that I like this one personally. But that because I like to keep up on my local area. Will it get me back to Twitter.com, no but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Look, in the end Tweetdeck among a host of other clients have so many more rich features and esthetically pleasing UI’s that it may be the end of the rise for Twitter.com (The site). Now I stress that because I trust the team here will not stand pat. Something big is on the horizon people. Trust me on this one.

I’ll tell you about it soon.

Here is the newer Local Trending Topics

 You can find the local trends box about 3/4 down the sidebar on the left


Select your city. Not all are avaialble yet…Just the cool ones.


And than you can see, choose and Tweet about your local trends.


By Noel Cocca

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