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Amy Leschke-Kahle, the VP of Performance Acceleration at The Marcus Buckingham Company (which was acquired by ADP in 2017), gave us some of her precious Milwaukee-area time (Go Bucks! Giannis!)… Read more

Some of our society’s greatest strides come when the private sector innovates on the back of foundational work by the public sector. The HR profession stands on the precipice of… Read more

One company we’ve met in recent weeks is SplashBI. Their marketing message is fairly common: “Use your data to make smarter decisions.” No doubt. That’s the eternal promise of data and… Read more

The Guesswork Era isn’t a real concept — I just invented it right now — so let me try and explain first what it means. In the simplest terms, it’s… Read more

We’ve been talking about analytics, data, big data and all that for a hot minute. Data scientist is supposedly “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Meow. There are flaws here,… Read more

Your recruiting operations team can now be more data-driven than ever. To live in the numbers in real-time, look to your technology vendors to surface the right stats and help… Read more

Can we select job candidates based on their brains? Read More

I’ve written before about HR metrics and People Analytics (that’s a form of HR analytics), but for now I want to spend one second — well, one paragraph — on… Read more

Uncertainty has driven a lot of curiosity when it comes to employer branding so the team over at Jibe surveyed practitioners to figure out their strategy.

I’ve tried very hard to educate my recruiters and sourcers to speak to management with recruiting data. This is the data that drives the best results.

Have you ever been inside a factory? The sounds of machines cranking, the hustle and bustle of the room, the smell of steam. There’s something to admire about this image… Read more

Algorithms make a lot of decisions for us, whether we know it or not. They decide what ads we see, what Youtube video plays next and a lot of the… Read more

The first time I used Waze was a revelation. This was not because of the network effects it generates, but more importantly, because of how transparently the application’s user interface… Read more

The Numbers Game: How To Use Data To Land Top Talent More than ever, “understanding the numbers” is an essential for any hiring manager, recruiter, or talent acquisition professional who… Read more

As someone who’s more or less grown up with the commoditization and corporate adoption of social media, and as someone who gets paid to do this stuff, I’ve seen a… Read more

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