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Date April 18, 2023 2:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Location Zoom Webinars
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Big Data is Big Leverage

Sometimes hiring leaders aren’t on the same ship deck as recruiters. How are we supposed to pull them into our dimension if they’re cruising in the Death Star while we’re rockin’ the Millennium Falcon?

Well, friend…let me tell you about the force of predictive analytics and big data.

As recruiters, we are experts in the talent field, but being a consultant to hiring teams isn’t easy. We’re often tasked with guiding our leaders without any gravity in the company. But the right data and trends will give you the power you need to make changes.

Data Feels Like Force Powers

UPDATE: Due to an unforeseen conflict, Marc cannot make this session. Instead, we will be joined by PJ LeDorze. You may know him from shows like The Recruiting Animal Podcast, Dueling Sourcers, and SourceCon events. PJ has 14+ years of Corporate Recruiting and 8 years of Agency experience, and his superpowers are sourcing and closing.

He’ll help you understand the massive power of predictive analytics and big data. Let’s learn how to use this information to Strike up your hiring process and educate your hiring leaders!

In this session, you will learn:

  • The benefits of merging predictive analytics into your hiring process.
  • Examples of how predictive analytics has improved recruitment outcomes.
  • Use data to create a solid recruitment strategy and ensure hiring success.
  • Identify high-potential candidates with predictive analytics.

May the power of data (and The Force) be with you.


If you’re unable to attend the live session, that’s okay! Just register and we’ll provide you with all the materials and the recording afterward.

Presented By
PJ LeDorze
Founder Sympl Labs

As a dedicated people finder, I bring a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and forward-thinking solutions to every challenge. While my primary focus is in recruiting, my passions extend far beyond that. I am deeply committed to the physical world, conservation, and humanity, and have spent much of my career working to bring new technologies to emerging markets. I have an avidity for knowledge and constantly seek out opportunities to learn from those around me.
Marc enjoys exploring the beautiful city of Austin, TX, tasting all craft IPA he can find, cheering on the Chicago Cubs, annihilating anyone foolish enough to challenge him to a Mario Kart race and mastering puns. And yes, he shares a name with Luke Skywalker. So, in his words, “may the ‘source’ be with you.”