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The new agreement allows Twitter users to automatically broadcast their tweets to a message board on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn users will be able to have their status updates sent directly to their Twitter feed.

That’s what Dr. Monica Rankin Professor of History at UT Dallas says and it’s why she brought Twitter into her classroom. What? Twitter in the classroom? Hey parents, did you pay $28 K this semester for you kid to play online?

James explains that when you are limited to just 140 characters, the information you broadcast has to be succinct and clear, holding only the most relevant information to the job seeker. Tweetjobs was developed to wok smart…

“The idea is to allow people to curate lists of Twitter accounts. For example, you could create a list of the funniest Twitter accounts of all time, athletes, local businesses, friends, or any compilation that makes sense.” @nk on the Twitter blog

It’s a matter of understanding your audience. This is nothing earth shattering but it’s an important breakdown of what you are looking at when dealing with the Generational divide. Oh wait, this is important if you are an employer looking to significantly increase the value prop of your talent within your organization. Generations explained…

It seems like 20 years already, but it’s still the buzz word around recruiting, and it’s almost as if you are a the odd man out if you ar ea recruiter and not taking advantage. There are conference around the term “social” now and corporate strategies being dedicated to it. What’s yours?

Its a few days late but here it is, my account of the experience I took away from #Recruifest09. It was certainly unique and fast pace, but overall the connections made were those that will resonate with me for a long time.

#recruitfest09 made a big splash and will certainly stay fresh in my mind for a long time. Forget about the people, the big names and the contacts made…The information gained was just downright awesome. Check it out here.

2009 brought thousands of recruiting posts worldwide covering topics form recruitment, social media, predictions and more. Here is a listing of what I consider to be the top 28 recruiting posts of 2009.

What would $10,000 mean to you? Now take that thought and multiple that by at least 2.5 million. What do you get? The answer is the number of those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. The $10,000 is what we can win for the charity just by voting for this video. Click to vote!

  I’m not 100% sure how I feel right now. From a football perspective, the man (I use this term lightly) is incredible. As a human he’s a piece of… Read more

In a matter of weeks one of the most power packed, non-traditional hopefully to become a tradition in recruiting conferences will be taking place. If you haven’t heard RecruitFest is back, and it’s better than the original. Check out why and who I am going to meet on my journey to recruitfest…

We expect, rather, we demand communication from our candidates. If they don’t follow up with us on the status of their interview, if they don’t send a thank-you note, if they don’t communicate in the exact way we think they should, we blast them, or worse, remove them from consideration for our positions. Is that legit?

“Not to oversimplify a highly valuable skill, but one of the basic keys to the recruiting process is knowing traits you are looking for in a candidate.” So says Michael Vandervort, Labor Relations Specialist. But what about Recruiter Fouls? Read his take here.

“You know it works when you start getting calls from people you don’t know who want to work with you,” We’re talking about blogs and technology and how you can make them work for. Stephanie Lloyd National Careers + Workplace Columnists explains it here.

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