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  Over the last few years, I’ve covered Gen Z a lot. I’m talking articles, webinars, speaking engagements – you name it. To the extent that some have questioned my… Read more

  College recruiting is a unique facet of talent acquisition, dedicated to attracting and engaging the emerging workforce – before the competition. That’s the high level, professional-sounding take. The reality… Read more

  By now you already know that there’s a new generation in town – Gen Z. But unlike their predecessors, the Millennials, this population is walking into a different sort… Read more

  Full disclosure, I’m a Millennial. No matter which way you slice or dice the generation, I’m in it (albeit at the elder end of the category). I’m also not… Read more

Arguably the most scrutinized lot of the last 12-15 years, Millennials are sick and tired of being talked about publicly. Since entering the workforce, they’ve been bad-mouthed every which way… Read more

  When it comes to hiring, today’s employers have a lot on their minds. There are skills shortages to contend with, low unemployment rates putting limits on the number of… Read more

    With more and more Generation Z’ers aging into the workforce, we begin to question how to go about recruiting them and how they will stand out in the… Read more

  Looking back, it’s easy to associate the most recent generations with significant advancements in media and technology. Gen X sometimes gets called the “MTV Generation,” while Gen Y and… Read more

  to effectively recruit students and younger populations, there needs to be more to the story With the next wave of Generation Z getting ready to march down the aisle… Read more

HR teams might have it all wrong Merrill Corporation survey provides unique insights New professionals who are currently in their first jobs, and young professionals looking to make their next… Read more

      “the average text response clocking in at a mere 90 seconds” We live in a world driven by instant gratification. From text messages and social notifications to… Read more

I’m going to try and spend about 500 words or so on this idea of “passion over profit,” often attributed to the millennial generation. I think a lot of how… Read more

AMN Healthcare, a provider of workforce products and staffing services for healthcare facilities, released its 2017 survey of 3,347 registered nurses. In this Survey of Millennial Nurses: a Dynamic Influence… Read more

Can definitely argue that we probably discuss the differences between generations too much, and it’s also not exactly rocket science that Boomers and millennials would want different things out of… Read more

By last report, Google received three million employment applications per year. Most other companies aren’t so lucky. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for service roles is… Read more

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