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It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of financial equity and inclusion. Why? Because your employees deserve it, and so does your bottom line. We’ve got Jim Leahy, a total wizard in talent management, ready to spill the secrets.

Recruit Holdings, the Japanese parent-company of Indeed and Glassdoor, has released its quarterly earnings report. Overall the numbers are strong, both from a revenue perspective as well as engagement. Indeed… Read more

The majority of America’s workers are struggling to make ends meet. At the start of 2022, 64% of the U.S. population was living paycheck to paycheck, as rising inflation increased… Read more

Greenhouse said it’s acquired the sourcing automation provider Interseller. The deal will help users source talent from within the Greenhouse platform while accessing data enrichment, email deliverability and candidate outreach… Read more

Most employees expect workplace benefits to play a more critical role in their decision-making when they select future jobs. Specifically, 68% feel that way while 61% say benefits will have… Read more

Veritone, creator of an early AI operating system, will acquire recruiting technology provider PandoLogic for $150 million in cash and stock. The deal is worth approximately triple PandoLogic’s expected 2021… Read more

Beamery raised $138 million in Series C funding after turning in what it called “a record” performance, including triple-digit revenue growth during the fourth quarter and passing 1 million roles… Read more

How the Paycheck Protection Plan Can Help Save Your Business Article published on Read it here. If you’re a small business owner (defined as fewer than 500 employees) whose functions aren’t… Read more

  For years, there’s been this debate raging inside HR. Well, to be fair, there are more than a few going on, but in this instance, I’m talking about HR… Read more

Bluevine (think fast funding for your business) and Bullhorn (a leader in staffing and recruiting software) have increased their commitment to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized staffing agencies… Read more

  “They’re not even just not talking to them in the right way, they’re not talking to them at all.” Talk about a “misstep.” Financial institutions are missing out on… Read more

Hit the target “Are you working close to the money today? ” This was the question my first manager asked me every morning for my first 18 months in recruitment…. Read more

“Hire three top performers, pay ’em like 8, and get the results of 10.” That quote is from this podcast interview, and, well, the actual quote would be: I always… Read more

It’s a unique role that recruiters play really. We justify our existence by making placements — yet we are objectified by the very customers that we support. We are needed,… Read more

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Remind you of your budgeting process? Most Talent Acquisition (TA) teams have long suffered the consequences… Read more

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