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I have a few pledges I would like recruiters to make that I believe, those that take the pledge will stand out, and where they are based in the world will be irrelevant. My 10 recruiter pledges…

Groundswell: “a social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.” Glenn Gutmacher VP of ACES (Arbita) gives us a fast paced information packed recap of his recent Kennedy presentation…

She’s bold and certainly outgoing and her name is Sarah White the CSO of HRM Direct has officially kicked off the posting carnival with rendition of MILH? She’s a little on the wild side, but she asks an extremely valid question I think you’ll want to answer: Are you Recruiter enough to hire a MILH?

Get the Full Line Up HERE Have you ever wondered what was on the mind of the most influential recruiting leaders? For the next Month , starting July 6th 2009… Read more

Very cool, Very innovative and developed for 3 sets of users. The Job Seeeker, The Corporation and Yes, you the Recruiter! TwitterJobSearch is fast, slick, and uses some very cool natural language processing. – The full review is posted on

  Innovation is sweet success in this business and when top flight entrepreneurs let their minds run you typically get great results. To be successful in this business requires you… Read more

Posted on and Retieved from: Mac OS X As a follow up to my Yammer posting HERE I wanted to be sure you all had the chance to see this tool…. Read more

Yawn…another review site. Seriously why waste our time? This concept has been played out five times over, and ultimately fails nearly every time. But wait theirs a new game in town: eCompliments might just break the cycle. Can we use this as recruiters?

It’s revolutionized communication and no doubt the way social recruiters are recruiting. It’s big fun for us, but for others like Mark Zuckerberg it’s big business. Recently Justin Smith of sat down with Zuckerberg to discuss…

If it’s free, it’s for me. And free this is. Sourcing budgets have been slashed but most hiring managers really don’t care about that. What they do care about is that you can provide them with some top quality talent in a fast and efficient manner. Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing some free and low cost ways to enhance your game when sourcing. Up first, Free-For-Recruiters

Do recruiters under value soft skills? Real live relationships? Has social networking and virtual relationships replaced the real, bare knuckle recruiter? Maybe, but without a doubt to be successful recruiters will need to leverage a blend of both virtual and in person, real live soft skills. Converting prospects is a hard task, especially in an economy like today.

The way we communicate has changed over the last few years. There’s been a dramatic shift in culture and one tool that has had the greatest effect on real time media is making waves. The premise behind social conversation is that we are enabled to find and connect with others…

Managing your online communities becomes more challenging everyday. From a recruiters perspective centralizing your online presence for response management is crucial to daily production. I’m a big fan of Tweetdeck, but Seesmic provides some real evidence of group and list management not too mention the ease of customization. Check it out.

As if we don’t already have enough to distract us from our day jobs. Micro Blogging has really taken over the social media space this past year with Twitter growing at some 1300% with personal users. But how can corporations, especially global operations communicate in an effortless, meaningful way sharing workspaces, files and real time Twitter like updates?

Internet search enthusiasts are craving new opportunities to delve deeper into the world of search. I recently spoke with Gary Clarke of Wolfram Alpha to learn about the new Alpha search engine that claims to have changed search forever. Take a read on True Semantic/Natural Language search.

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