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In this webinar, PJ LeDorze shares his experiences using data to improve hiring processes. He emphasizes data-driven approaches, candidate engagement, and addressing hiring bias for successful outcomes.

In this session, PJ LeDorze helps you understand the massive power of predictive analytics and big data. Learn how to use this information to beef up your hiring process and educate your hiring leaders.

Ghosting isn’t just a dating phenomenon — recruiters are getting ghosted, too. Candidates can vanish at any point during the hiring process, even after accepting a job offer. The traditional… Read more

When 800 businesses were asked if they had implemented a DEI strategy in their hiring process, 56% answered yes, while an additional 24% said they plan on implementing one. Recruitment… Read more

Although the persistently tight labor market is beginning to show signs of slackening, companies are still struggling to find enough workers to fill their open positions. In the United States,… Read more

Too often, companies underestimate the value of effective teamwork between a recruiter and a hiring manager (HM). The latest frequently treats a recruiter as a “vendor” when opening a new… Read more

Ever had to follow up repeatedly with a hiring manager? Or perhaps sent a duplicate email to a candidate because you didn’t know that your hiring manager had already sent… Read more

Learn how some of the best in the industry approach the hiring process as they break down how to find and hire talent for hard-to-fill technical roles.

Returnship Programs Are in High Demand Many companies are currently implementing returnship programs. Why are they doing it, and how can these programs benefit your company? Returnships are like internship… Read more

This white paper features peer-reviewed, published scientific research on dropout behavior and examines how to define completion rates, why candidates drop out and why some drop out is good drop out.

Dispute Resolution Clause: Missing in Action When the head of talent acquisition at a well-known e-commerce company hired a mid-level software engineer four years ago, she mechanically sent the employment… Read more

Post-Pandemic Recruiting


This guidebook will walk you through how talent acquisition is changing in 2021 and what it means for for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates.

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