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Completion Rates Matter

Candidates dropping out of the hiring process is a perennial source of anxiety for almost any hiring team. Especially now, as businesses struggle to find quality candidates amidst a workforce shortage, applicant dropout is a significant concern for most organizations.

HR practitioners assume applicant dropout is caused by the process being too long and tedious, but that likely isn’t the case. Like almost any other aspect of hiring, applicant dropout can be systematically identified, analyzed and understood.

This white paper provided by Modern Hire features peer-reviewed research on dropout behavior and examines multiple facets of the issue.

What You’ll Find Inside

  • How to define completion rates.
  • Assumptions about why candidates drop out.
  • The real reasons candidates drop out.
  • Why hiring teams can relax knowing some dropout is good dropout.

*Modern Hire scientists undertook an investigation into this issue several years ago after discovering a lack of scholarly research on the topic. Their goal was to help clients better understand and address it. These findings have been published in the “Journal of Applied Psychology, the International Journal of Selection and Assessment,” and as a symposium at an annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).


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