Event Details
Date June 23, 2022 9:00 am ET
Location Hopin

HRTX: Hiring Tech Talent is just around the corner on June 23rd.

We have 12 world class trainers ready to share their best practices, tips and tricks on how to find and hire for some of the toughest to fill roles in tech.

No cost to register. No travel. Just a really special day of learning with some of the top minds in our industry doing what they do best.

Bottom line? This event is going to be a lot of fun. 

But at the same time, packed full of actionable information, knowledge, and approaches that you can immediately apply to your own day-to-day.

Walk away with eye-opening insights into how top trainers approach and solve hiring challenges.

Over 4,500 practitioners in TA joined us for our virtual #HRTX event in December, and that grew to nearly 5,500 for our March event.

Don’t miss out! Grab your ticket here.

Breaking Down the Stages of Hiring

Each training team will demonstrate their approach for every step of the hiring process:

  • Job Description (Requisition)
  • Goal Setting (Setting expectations)
  • Finding Candidates (Sourcing strategy)
  • Qualifying Candidates (Candidate assessments)
  • Interviewing (Strategy and tactics)
  • Offer Letter (Closing the candidate & acceptance metrics)
  • Post Mortem (Discussion of what did we learn? Institutional knowledge)


The Tech Requisitions and Training Teams

How to Find and Hire a DevOps Engineer

Training Team:
Brian Fink (Sourcer)
Keirsten Greggs (Recruiter)
Maciek Mazurek (Hiring Manager)

Hiring Scenario: This is a backfill position.


How to Find and Hire a Front End Developer

Training Team:
Aaron Lintz (Sourcer)
Sophie Okonkwo (Recruiter)
Larry Anderson (Hiring Manager)

Hiring Scenario: New hire – we had three, we’re adding a fourth member to our team.


How to Find and Hire a Full Stack Developer

Training Team:
Alla Pavlova (Sourcer)
Jenna Aronow (Recruiter)
Marvin Smith (Hiring Manager)

Hiring Scenario: We’ve never hired before for this role. No idea.

How to Find and Hire a Data Security Engineer

Training Team:
Mike “Batman” Cohen (Sourcer)
Steve Levy (Recruiter)
Bret Feig (Hiring Manager)

Hiring Scenario: Looking for early stage, trained up, teach them, inexperienced ok.


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