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In today’s competitive job market, effectively communicating your employer brand to prospective candidates is paramount. Transparency and clear communication about your company’s values, mission, and culture will attract the right… Read more

A potential employee’s experience during your company’s recruitment procedure plays a pivotal role in shaping the employer’s public image. When companies emphasize smooth and uplifting candidate engagement directly during the… Read more

Finding the right employees for your business can directly impact your success. While you may have a relatively solid idea about the type of talent you’d like to onboard, actually… Read more

Generation Z (Gen Z) is an important workforce portion, so hiring them in the fast-changing talent acquisition industry requires a specialized strategy. Previous generations are less tech-savvy, socially conscious and… Read more

SeekOut launched two new features — SeekOut Assist and Pipeline Insights — designed to help talent acquisition teams improve their efficiency and recruiting results. GPT-powered SeekOut Assist helps recruiters move… Read more

In the quest to improve the candidate experience during the hiring process, we sought insights from top HR professionals and business leaders. From leveraging technology for realistic job previews to… Read more

The world of work is changing rapidly. New technologies, shifting demographics, and evolving workplace attitudes are disrupting old ways of doing things and forcing organizations to adapt. For recruiters, these… Read more

Yes, both candidates and HR professionals — including talent acquisition specialists — are taking advantage of AI. But both groups have concerns about how the technology works and how it’s… Read more

Glassdoor released new community features to help users connect anonymously with other workers for real-time conversations about life and work. Glassdoor said the features will allow it to continue providing… Read more

In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent is only half the battle. To secure the best candidates, recruiters must also focus on nurturing candidate relationships throughout the recruitment process…. Read more

To help recruiters make the most of their LinkedIn presence, we’ve gathered insights from top professionals, including founders, CEOs and career coaches. From positioning yourself as a thought leader to… Read more

Millennials and Gen Z are becoming a larger part of the workforce today. According to a recent report by Manpower Group, Gen Z will make up about 27% of the… Read more

“Get out there!” That’s what I often tell my fellow recruiters and peers when discussing new ways to get to know people in their line of business in which they… Read more

Recruiting and retaining a diverse team will yield significantly better results. McKinsey studies show that ethnically and gender-diverse teams yield significantly greater financial performance for companies, especially among executive teams. Diverse teams… Read more

Soft Skills Recruiting 101


Larry Anderson discusses the importance of soft skills in the workplace and shares practical methods for assessing them, including behavioral interviews and role-playing scenarios.

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