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Join us for our annual Boolean Beginners Bash, where Brian Fink lays the foundation for sourcing and recruiting professionals who want to transform their talent acquisition capabilities. You can bet your booty we’re gonna have a killer time doing it.

There are many sources we can use to identify talent, many of which include using platforms such as Twitter, SeekOut, Instagram, Github, personal websites, and more. However, what about leveraging the… Read more

The top geeks at Google are a bunch of sneaky devils.  They hold in their hands the most powerful search engine on the planet, yet low-key don’t bother explaining its… Read more

Boolean Beginners’ Bash with Brian Fink


In this session, Brian Fink lays the foundation for sourcing and recruiting professionals who want to transform their talent acquisition capabilities and hiring efforts.

Welcome to the world of sourcing and recruiting! Whether you are a brand new sourcer or an established pro, there’s still so much to learn! In this session, Brian Fink… Read more

How do you define Sourcing? Is it dark-web Boolean searches? A virtual career fair? Is it a social media post? A monthly call or connection? Or is it research? Yes,… Read more

A large-scale research study of 20 million candidate profiles reveals why women are less likely to be found by recruiters. According to a McKinsey study, in 2020 women held just… Read more

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is a hot topic. However, it’s not just a trend or another corporate initiative – it’s a mindset and a business imperative. In the… Read more

Sourcing Cookbook: A Recipe to Save Time and Increase Conversion Rates I enjoy automating my sourcing workflow. In this article, I will share my sourcing cookbook recipe which will lead… Read more

How to Use Custom Search Engines to Find Niche Candidates I’m a big advocate of behavioural sourcing and a frequent user of Custom Search Engines (CSE). Instead of using mainstream… Read more

Sourcing without a Job Description Although I am relatively new to the Talent Acquisition industry, over the past several years, receiving a job title and nothing else from my hiring… Read more

Introduction All the sourcing techniques and examples one generally comes across are mostly geared towards finding technical staff within the technology and software space. However, the same methods can be… Read more

Sourcing Data scientists The world is awash with a lot of data. Much of this data is unstructured. Some of it has structure, but to analyze the data would require… Read more

Holistic Sourcing for Sales Professionals Do you ever look at a job description and scan for the keywords to run a keyword search? While keyword sourcing can be effective for… Read more

How to Search for Bios on Github This article originally was posted on Just like we can’t search for LinkedIn headlines within LinkedIn or by X-Raying, we can’t search… Read more

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