3 Quick Tips on Email Deliverability

Check out this video I put together with 3 quick email deliverability tips in just over 3 mins.

  1. SPF, DKIM + DMARC matter. (Some definitions but I explain them!)
  2. Follow-ups matter. If you’re only sending one email to a candidate, you’re losing out on a lot of replies.
  3. Personalization matters. A lot.

Have you already put all three of these into practice? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. Don’t forget to go back and check out my other videos on whether to use links in email outreach and an FAQ on spam filters!

Steven Lu

Steven co-founded Interseller in 2016 with a purpose to help recruiters reduce the time it takes to make a hire. Interseller can find any candidate's personal email address and reach them with automated & personalized email sequences, all while keeping any ATS or CRM up-to-date.