To Link or Not To Link in Email? That is the Question

There are mixed thoughts out there about whether or not you should include links in your email outreach. Some say only share one. Others say you should never share a link. 

In this video I share my insights and tips on using a link in email outreach, answering the following questions (and more):

  1. In general, should I use links or not?
  2. Should I add a scheduling link to my outreach?
  3. What about link tracking?


Watch the video below to find out what not to do and the best way to use links if it is a part of your email outreach strategy.


P.S.: If you missed yesterday’s video, I answer 3 of the most frequently asked questions on spam filters! Watch it here!

Stay tuned for another video tomorrow in this email performance series.


Steven Lu

Steven co-founded Interseller in 2016 with a purpose to help recruiters reduce the time it takes to make a hire. Interseller can find any candidate's personal email address and reach them with automated & personalized email sequences, all while keeping any ATS or CRM up-to-date.