3 FAQs About Spam Filters with Steven Lu

Let’s talk about spam filters. Senders hate them, recipients love them, and everyone wants to know how to get past them.

As a subject matter expert on all things email deliverability and spam filters, here are 3 frequent questions I get asked all the time.

  1. How do I avoid being blacklisted?
  2. What can I do to stay out of spam?
  3. How do I know if I’m actually landing in spam or the inbox? 

In this quick video (it’s less than 5 minutes), I cover all three of these questions in-depth and then some. 


Check it out below & stay tuned for another video with more tips tomorrow!


Steven Lu

Steven co-founded Interseller in 2016 with a purpose to help recruiters reduce the time it takes to make a hire. Interseller can find any candidate's personal email address and reach them with automated & personalized email sequences, all while keeping any ATS or CRM up-to-date.