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So, you want a Lead Basket Weaver with five to seven years of experience, a bachelor’s degree in weaving techniques, no job hoppers, all for $5 an hour in the… Read more

Pymetrics has made available API features to allow more organizations to access its predictive hiring data. The API capabilities enables customers to maintain their existing systems of record and workflows… Read more

You’ve been reading about it for weeks: as the pandemic eases, a tsunami of people will look for new jobs. According to the recognition company, Achievers, more than half of employees… Read more

  Lendmark – Becoming Veteran Hiring Friendly With Shalon Travis On today’s show, we have Shalon Travis on from Lendmark. We’re talking about becoming veteran hiring friendly. A topic that… Read more

  iCIMS – D&I Analytics Measuring What Matters With Amber Brown On today’s RecruitingDaily Podcast we have Amber Brown on the show. Amber is Product Leader in D&I Technology at… Read more

Storytelling about Jobvite with Pete Lamson Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 85. This week we have storytelling about Jobvite with Pete Lamson. During this episode, Pete and I talk… Read more

How do you define Sourcing? Is it dark-web Boolean searches? A virtual career fair? Is it a social media post? A monthly call or connection? Or is it research? Yes,… Read more

The recent years have shown scarcity and a lack of talented full-stack web development experts around the world. There are a number of reasons that led to this issue, including but… Read more

Despite increasing social, political and even investor pressure, just 19% of the world’s largest companies have disclosed data about the makeup of their workforce, according to a survey by the… Read more

Storytelling about Jobeo with Brent Skipper Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 76. This week we have storytelling about Jobeo with Brent Skipper. During this episode, Brent and I talk… Read more

Boost your employee referrals by combining automation with a proven methodology with Sam Davies In this episode, we talk with Sam Davies, the founder of Real Links, a platform that… Read more

Skill has no limits and boundaries. The same applies to talent. Both of these are the top two domains that you as a company should assess potential candidates–apart from the… Read more

HCM Talent Technology Roundup April 2, 2021 Press play to listen to this article! ‘Employee Experience’ Concerns Spread Beyond HR Covid-19 has spurred businesses to think of the employee experience… Read more

Video Interviewing with Steve Levy and Andrew Wood In this episode, we explore the psychometrics of video interviewing. We talk with video interviewing expert Andrew Wood from Willo (not a sponsor)… Read more

Sourcing from Listserv and Mailing List Archives Let’s talk about an uncommon area to find candidates that you might be unfamiliar with: Listserv and Mailing List Archives. OK, but what… Read more

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