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Date July 25, 2023 2:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Location Zoom - Check your email for your login details!
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Calling all agents! We have a covert mission for you on the horizon. On July 25th, we’re gathering the elite for an operation that will revolutionize the way you source talent. Shally Steckerl, the legendary sourcing pioneer, will reveal 11 previously classified sourcing methods.

You’ll learn 11 highly effective sourcing techniques that will transform how you work, like:

  1. How to find “more websites like this”
  2. Getting down with FTP
  3. Sourcing beyond the alphabet with special characters and emoji
  4. Using word analysis to find resumes your competitors can’t find
  5. Reverse image search to find profiles hidden in plain sight
  6. Diving deep into codesearch, repos and pastebins
  7. Find people who vanished from websites with this sourcing time machine
  8. Dig into forums, associations and other communities
  9. Revealing unlocked documents through REDACTED

Every secret technique you master significantly increases your chances of identifying and engaging top-tier talent. Get ahead of the game, and nab the best in the field before your competitors can blink.

Ready for the challenge? Secure your spot for the mission now.

Remember, your mission awaits. The future of talent sourcing is in your hands.

Best of luck, agent.

(This message will self destruct.)

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Shally Steckerl
Global Leader in Talent Sourcing Transformation and Talent Analytics LTK


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