Event Details
Date June 15, 2023 9:00 am ET
Duration One Day
Location Hopin

Summer is here, and with it comes the opportunity to embark on new adventures, make new connections, and learn new skills. This year, we’re bringing the spirit of summer camp to the talent sourcing and recruiting community with the #HRTX Virtual Sourcing & Recruiting Summer Camp. We’re taking our favorite virtual training event and giving it a summer twist, promising not only valuable learning experiences but also a whole lot of fun.

Sourcing Adventures

Our summer camp kicks off with a series of Sourcing Adventures. Alla Pavlova will lead the first adventure, guiding you through the wilderness of social media. She’ll share the latest trends and best practices for discovering talent on both well-known and emerging platforms. This is your chance to learn how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media and use it to your advantage in sourcing talent.

Next, trailblazer Hunter Casperson will take you deeper into the wilderness of candidate sourcing. He’ll share advanced techniques like Boolean search strings and X-ray searching, helping you aim for the top and pinpoint top talent.

Crafting Effective Candidate Messaging

One of the highlights of our summer camp is a session on Crafting Effective Candidate Messaging. Brian Fink has conducted extensive research, reaching out to 300 candidates to understand what makes for effective candidate outreach. In this session, he’ll share his findings and provide practical, data-driven strategies that you can implement in your own outreach efforts. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from Brian’s research and improve your candidate messaging approach.

Camp Counselor Training

Our Camp Counselor Training sessions are designed to help you build stronger relationships and create more inclusive hiring practices. Larry Anderson will teach you how to communicate effectively with hiring managers, construct sturdy relationships, and align your recruitment goals with their business objectives.

Faith Saenz will then guide you through the rich, varied terrain of neurodiversity. She’ll share practical strategies to hire, retain, and champion neurodiverse talent, helping you lay the groundwork for a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Camp Talent Show

Our Camp Talent Show features two exciting events. First, watch Sourcing Jedi Marvin Booker take on the toughest reqs we can throw at him. See how he approaches the search, breaks down the role, and finds top talent across multiple industries.

Next, join us around the campfire for a riveting ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with Erin Mathew. Stoke your curiosity, ask your questions, and glean insights from a proven pathfinder in the tech talent sourcing landscape.


Join Us at Camp #HRTX

Mark your calendars for June 15 and join us at Camp #HRTX for a day packed with learning, networking, and fun. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran in the recruiting field, there’s something for everyone at our summer camp. So, grab your spot today at https://rdaily.co/camphrtx and get ready for an unforgettable summer adventure!