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Balancing The Flaws in the Traditional Recruitment Process We live in a world that values speed. This year’s Tokyo Olympics magnified that, with Sydney McLaughlin, Karsten Warholm and Jasmine Camacho-Quinn… Read more

Diversity, equity and inclusion are top-of-mind for today’s business leaders.  The 2020 Deloitte CEO Survey revealed that 96 percent of CEOs agree that DEI is a strategic goal. To meet… Read more

Storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 114. This week we have storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley. During this episode, Joanna and I… Read more

While TikTok encourages users to show off to employers with its experimental video resume tool, LinkedIn can now mask indications of color or race in a bid to minimize bias… Read more

  Adding a Dash of Marketing to your Sourcing Workflow with Erin Mathew On today’s episode of Sourcing School, Erin Mathew combines her chef valor and recruitment prowess to teach us… Read more

Hiring Blind: How to Translate Positive Intent into Real Action and Results It’s a fact that building diverse teams isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s been proven again… Read more

  How to Close the Good Ones with Larry Anderson Welcome back to Sourcing School!  We are so excited to have Larry Anderson with us today.  He’s agreed to let us pick… Read more

Video interviewing has come a long way since its initial advent way back when. And in 2020, video became not only a nice to-do, but a must-have to keep employees… Read more

Storytelling about Qualifi with Darrian Mikell Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 103. This week we have storytelling about Qualifi with Darrian Mikell. During this episode, Darrian and I… Read more

Storytelling about Resume Sieve with Michael Yinger Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 96. This week we have storytelling about Resume Sieve with Michael Yinger. During this episode, Michael… Read more

  We are so excited to have two very insightful iCIMS team members here to discuss research the company has conducted regarding the class of 2021.  Speaking frankly, we were not… Read more

There is a satirical movie line where a soldier from a notorious regiment realizes their presence in a foreign land is not to save or restore. The solider does a… Read more

  Today we have Maya Grossman on from Canvas. We’re actually going to be talking about a really cool and fun topic: Listening to our Customers, the Journey from Jumpstart… Read more

Storytelling about Talenya with Gal Almog Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 93. This week we have storytelling about Talenya with Gal Almog. During this episode, Gal and I talk… Read more

A college degree is valuable in a competitive job market. But, it should not be the deciding factor when you make a hiring decision. To understand why, let’s answer some… Read more

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