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Recruitment Metrics = Better Recruiting Decisions » On this blog, I speak a good deal about the importance of collecting metrics in your recruitment metrics and how these metrics can… Read more

Connecting With Hiring Managers » Keep in mind that no matter how qualified a candidate may be for the position, the #1 thing that makes the manager pick one person… Read more

Posting Jobs on Twitter – A Waste of Time? » Everyone is hiring in India, specially IT and financial companies. If you are recruiter at a small or medium sized… Read more

Search Firm Predicts Finance Job Surge » Executive search firm Kinsey Allen International predicts nearly 6,000 financial services jobs will be created in the Boston area during the second half… Read more

Technology Recruiting Trends » Online recruiting has come a long way from the days of bulletin board systems, resume uploads, jobs via email, and candidate matching tools. There’s a whole… Read more

We made it! Another work week is almost in the books. Have you had the opportunity to visit our Around the Industry section this week? This feed is updated daily… Read more

60% Of Senior Executives Ready to Make Career Moves » The recent BlueSteps Mid-Year Executive Outlook Report shows the majority of senior executives optimistic about both the economy (57% positive)… Read more

10 Executive Search Tips » If you’ve launched an external search for a world-class business or nonprofit executive, you may have already been frustrated by the process, the cost, and… Read more

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Post-Recession Economy » A growing number of companies are exploring RPO as a vehicle to take advantage of recruiting techniques and technologies, while keeping costs… Read more

Learn How to Relax


Learn How to Relax » Does sourcing seem hard to you sometimes? I’d like to share five sourcing hints that, I hope, will make it easier, more relaxed and more… Read more

The Most Important Question Every Staffing Professional Needs to Answer » Over the last 20 years, one of the most significant trends in the staffing industry has been the shift… Read more

Candidates Via Facebook » Facebook recruiting for individuals who are looking for employment on a professional level is nothing new. There are many individuals who are on Facebook as well… Read more

Finding the Next Outlet for Recruiting Talent » Want to find the next outlet for recruiting talent? For starters, stay clear of recruiting communities, HR sites and your recruiting industry… Read more

How to Conduct a Passive Job Search » It’s true; most employers prefer passive candidates. A passive candidate is a gainfully employed professional who is open to hearing about career… Read more

36% of Recruiters will Spend Less on Job Boards in 2010 » Jobvite recently released the results of their Social Recruiting Survey 2010 in which they surveyed over 600 human… Read more

Oleeo Hidden Talent in the Finance Industry

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