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Beamery raised $138 million in Series C funding after turning in what it called “a record” performance, including triple-digit revenue growth during the fourth quarter and passing 1 million roles… Read more

Regardless of our education and training, we as recruiters by in large do three things: We find people, we interview and we extend offers. All opportunities for training, development and starting to tell our story in a way that changes perceptions.

A long time ago in a job market far, far away, there was a booming economy when any of our candidates that had a pulse had a job. It was… Read more

Let’s talk Star Wars, specifically Star Wars IV – A New Hope. For those of you who have seen the movies which, based on previous reactions to Star Wars themed… Read more

A Look At Who’s Winning The Talent Wars In Tech » There’s been a lot of talk about the fierce competition for talent among the top players in the tech… Read more

How To Optimize Your Tech Recruiting Stack Patrick Christell, Senior Sourcer at Hire4ce, meets all the qualifications of “MASTER.” We’re talking a Full-Lifecycle Recruiter, Project Manager and Agile sourcing pod-builder with… Read more

I’ve spent the equivalent of the last four full presidential terms stuck in the tech recruiting trenches. For the manifold changes manifesting themselves in the talent acquisition and technology sectors… Read more

The job market is brutally competitive. With the lowest national unemployment rate in 17 years, talent wars will ramp up in 2018. Recruiting teams across the U.S. are scrambling to… Read more

Recruitment isn’t the same creature it used to be. Before dotcom grew up, recruiters operated on a different set of rules, with closed doors and gate-keeping that frustrated the most… Read more

This post is dedicated to all those recruiters out there who give a shit about what they do. I know that you’re out there, which is why it saddens me… Read more

One of the hardest recruiting jobs is to access and hire high-level security clearance professionals.  Although different levels of clearances exist, these individuals are not that visible from a social… Read more

The recruiting startup ecosystem is showing no signs of slowing down. Amid fears of recession and ongoing trade wars, the recruitment technology market is going strong. Globally, recruitment startups collectively… Read more

  Accurate Bias-Free Test of Job Fit George Lucas has just finished screenwriting his first Star Wars movie and is casting for the role of Han Solo. He peruses a… Read more

  Tariffs and Talent Acquisition The year started off great for hiring. Between the administration’s deregulation binge and tax reform, profitability estimates climbed for companies in power and energy, manufacturing,… Read more

By Mike Wolford We have all seen the numbers.  Facebook has nearly two billion unique monthly visitors.  There were over 200 billion tweets in 2016. Six-hundred million people use Instagram… Read more

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