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Symphony Talent launched a new module that manages and automates both virtual and in-person recruiting events. Called SmashFlyX Events, the product handles activities during pre-registration, the event itself, post-event follow… Read more

  Why Recruiters Need To Adopt More Marketing Automation Instead Of CRM Today I have on Adam and Mike from CandidateID, and we’re going to be talking about a really… Read more

Marketing Automation in Recruitment: Toodaloo to the CRM In today’s episode, we rock out with two of the industry’s best-known names in Recruitment Marketing: Adam Gordon from and Marvin Smith,… Read more

Candidate Segmentation and the CRM There are countless reasons to love your CRM as a talent acquisition professional.  There is an obsessive beauty in gathering leads for a specific industry… Read more

CRM Tug of War


  CRM Tug of War   Sourcers, gird your loins! A battle is afoot. Sourcers rejoiced, when talent acquisition implemented the first CRM. We finally had a database to store and… Read more

  ColdCRM finds contact info off social profiles!   We have another new tool for you to take a look at by ColdCRM. It’s a new Chrome extension that came out… Read more

OK, I really have no authorization to allow you to work on the beach, but if you have the updated Nimble Smart Contacts App, technically you could be up and… Read more

If there’s one thing recruiters and talent practitioners place a premium on, it’s the tools of the trade. And not a day goes by, it seems, without another “killer app” for… Read more

When people find out I work at a company with the word “recruiting” in the name, they immediately think I can help them find a job. Not so much with… Read more

In the season of top tens and trends, it’s pretty awesome to have a prediction confirmed. Which is exactly what’s happened over the course of the last year when it… Read more

Last week, Vik Singh published an article on TechCrunch with a headline that definitely caught my attention: “ Two Worlds Colliding: How LinkedIn Could Take On Salesforce.” His position is… Read more

 What is Archively ? Archively is a beautifully designed bookmarklet that allows you to track, grab, and build information profiles on leads that you are sourcing. It’s built for recruiters… Read more

Of the many demos I’ve done in the past few weeks – it’s been something of a trial by fire – a few were mildly interesting. But almost none actually… Read more

  Top talent search engine evolves into all-in-one recruiting platform, adds automation tools to simplify candidate communication, pipeline management and reporting   San Francisco, CA – September 24, 2013 – TalentBin, the market… Read more

Wonolo closes a $138M growth round, news from Top Echelon Software, 50% of employees report company values do not align with personal values, Hunt Club raises $10M Series A funding, HireRight launches $22M in common stock and more.

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