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Talent Warriors: What It Really Takes to Be A Top Recruiter

Recruiting is, professionally speaking, something of an anomaly. Most recruiters are career existentialists, somehow falling into a...


Stand Out, Get Hired: 3 Unconventional Interview Tips For Job Seekers

Interviewing well for a job doesn’t take real magic.  But as every recruiter knows, what it really takes is a method.  Knowing that...


Big Data, Big Problems: Why Relevant Data Matters Most

This past spring in Philadelphia, I had the honor to serve as the emcee for the 2014 iTalent HR Technology Competition, thrown in...


Death Watch: A Eulogy for Top Recruiting Technology “Trends”

Recruiting and HR pundits sure seem to like writing obituaries.  Hell, there’s an entire cannon of posts, white papers and corporate...


4 Tips for Writing Better Blogs

I do a few things, when editing, that I find can turn pretty much any piece of generic copywriting – which is what corporate blogs...


The Imminent, Inevitable Breakup of Recruiting and HR

Conference agendas often skew tidily to the side of the conference organizer’s own agenda, and their speaker selection tends to...


Sales Technology: Top Tools & Apps for Closing Deals On the Road

Away from home, away from your colleagues and your office – it’s challenging to stay focused on the road, particularly if you’re...

How To Spot A Lazy Recruiter

Top 3 Recruitment Takeaways from the Australian Talent Conference

Our top 3 recruitment takeaways from the Australian Talent Conference 2014.

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Memoir: How Social Media Is Shaping Personal History

I have this cool app called Memoir – not sure if it’s on Android, because I value my phone data (albeit I am forced to use...

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LinkedIn & HiringSolved: Why You Should Care (Even If You’re Not in Recruiting)

In January, LinkedIn filed a 17 page complaint targeting unknown defendants in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of...