Diversity and Inclusion


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On February 7th @ 2:00 PM ET, tune in for Sophie’s full analysis on diversity and inclusivity, and what behaviors and workflow techniques you can adjust to find alternative pools of candidates.

Historically, companies use gender and racially-biased language, discriminating against people with disability, those belonging to LGBTQIA+ groups and minorities, albeit unintentionally. Take a look at any recent job description, and… Read more

Marc Hamel, Principal Sourcer at Amazon, teaches you strategic email practices that will nurture passive candidate relationships.

This year began with such promise, but an inflationary market and concerns about a potential recession caused companies to shy away from hiring. The hiring market is down in industries… Read more

Military Times has released their list of best employers for veterans. Over 200 organizations submitted responses to the Best for Vets: Employers survey that fielded from July to September, and… Read more

While companies have been attempting to improve DEI efforts, candidates continue to experience bias within the recruiting process. A report by Lever, the 2022 DEI Through the Recruiting Lifecycle Report… Read more

The economy is in free fall, companies are laying people off right and left, and unemployment is rising. It should be easy for recruiters to find candidates in this environment,… Read more

The talent network Talroo is now offering the ability to reach a more diverse network job seekers with its Spanish language translation feature for all jobs on Jobs2Careers.com. U.S. Spanish-speaking… Read more

Unconscious bias can lead to hiring decisions based not on merit or qualifications but on factors such as race, gender or ethnicity.

One of the numerous business areas that has undergone transformation in the past few years is recruitment. It can be challenging to stay up with business since it moves so… Read more

The recent volatile shifts in the labor market have thrown organizations’ traditional people strategy out of the window. As the Great Resignation segues into the Great Rehire, organizations are challenged… Read more

Corporate America is leveraging a new form of experiential learning called the remote externship to attract, engage and assess Gen Z talent in more scalable ways – and talent acquisition… Read more

For hiring companies, the rules of engagement have changed. Compensation and benefits are not the only or most important cornerstones to successfully recruit new graduates. Potential employers are now being… Read more

By the time this article graces the Recruiting Daily platform I will be a changed man after an unprecedented summer that changed many aspects of how I approach the world… Read more

Talent acquisition (TA) in 2022 is facing a unique set of challenges. The great resignation and economic uncertainty have made hiring and retaining top talent difficult. These challenges demand organizations… Read more

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