Diversity and Inclusion


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Here’s a difficult reality: White men are often judged on their potential, while women and people of color are judged on their past performance. This discrepancy acts as a barrier… Read more

Only 46% of American college students are confident about finding a job after they graduate, while 61% believe they’ll graduate with the skills they need for a successful career. A… Read more

We live in an era where the need for diverse hiring practices is more imperative than ever. Organizations with diverse workforces are far more likely to stick out from their… Read more

In this session, we’ll uncover the hidden biases in our hiring processes and learn effective strategies to minimize them. We’ll dive deep into manual, tech, and experiential ways to remove bias and create an inclusive, equitable, and accessible hiring environment.

Leveraging AI in talent acquisition was considered taboo eight months ago. The fear of algorithmic bias and ‘automating away my job’ made sure the risk of these technologies wasn’t worth… Read more

CodeSignal’s new guide provides valuable insights into how to create a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce. From understanding tech hiring channels to conducting effective technical assessments, it covers everything you need to know to make a positive change in your organization.

Bias can be a seemingly unavoidable issue in the hiring process. Even with new technologies, unconcious biases can sneak in, whether that be intentional or not. Still, it’s so important… Read more

Statistically speaking, one in three US citizens has a criminal record. This rather large percentage of the US population finds it challenging to find gainful employment, yet the US and… Read more

As recruiters, hiring managers, and sourcers, it is important to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace. One way to do this is by understanding and embracing the experiences of the… Read more

While honoring Black Americans this February, it’s good for employers to check in with what they’re doing to support Black workers. However, it’s also a good time to understand the employment… Read more

Building diversity and inclusivity (D&I) in your hiring is not about leveraging current trends or meeting quotas. D&I is an important strategy to improve your company’s performance and attract high-quality… Read more

We’re well into 2023, but some recruiting challenges from 2022 have decided to come along for the ride. Between a continued talent shortage and attracting the right (and qualified) job candidates is… Read more

When 800 businesses were asked if they had implemented a DEI strategy in their hiring process, 56% answered yes, while an additional 24% said they plan on implementing one. Recruitment… Read more

Tune in for Sophie’s full analysis on diversity and inclusivity, and what behaviors and workflow techniques you can adjust to find alternative pools of candidates.

DEI is an important part of the workplace, benefiting not only the employee but also the company as a whole. It’s becoming ever more pressing with the emergence of new… Read more

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