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Datapeople introduced Datapeople Insights, an analytics suite that aims to provide talent acquisition teams with insights into their hiring processes.  According to the company, the product helps organizations understand and… Read more

Recruitics released Vision Analytics, a data analysis platform designed to allow the real-time, actionable conversion of data. Vision will act as a centralized reporting hub for recruitment marketers, the company… Read more

Talent management looks vastly different from even five years ago. Today, employers have a high demand for talent with future-ready skill sets, well-functioning teams and lower rates of turnover. Luckily,… Read more

Is your company maximizing all the information you have at your fingertips to succeed in attracting, retaining and developing your talent? Most organizations, even small ones practice some form of… Read more

Finding the right talent to grow your business is an investment that ought to be measured thoroughly before moving forward. Hiring the wrong individuals can impact a business’s bottom line… Read more

The field of talent acquisition has undergone a series of massive changes over the last few years. A focus on efficiency across every industry means that companies are under significant… Read more

Plum knows that when people flourish, business thrives. That’s why the revolutionary talent assessment platform uses predictive psychometric data to inform objective talent decisions, which means companies do not have… Read more

Data analysis has played a role in recruiting for years, and recently, it’s felt like we’ve exhausted all new sources and uses of data. At times, it’s even seemed like… Read more

In today’s business landscape, the phrase “the only constant is change” has never been more true. In fact, constantly changing market and business dynamics have made it increasingly difficult for… Read more

To make recruitment more competitive, organizations use data analytics to improve their hiring processes. Job candidate data can assist hiring managers to make better decisions about new applicants. This approach… Read more

Industry 4.0.  It’s the latest industrial revolution beginning in 2011.  But fast-forward just a little over 12 years, and it seems like this newest movement has catapulted ahead. With the… Read more

In today’s fast-moving business world, there is no shortage of data to help organizations identify and improve gaps, performance, efficiencies and profitability on both macro and micro fronts. But according… Read more

Beamery launched two new capabilities — Universal Skills Platform and AI Talent Match — designed to help employers leverage talent data in order to better assess the skills of their… Read more

Critical Sourcing Data with Alla Pavlova


Alla Pavlova discussed the critical role of sourcing data in the recruitment of AI Engineers. She emphasized the importance of understanding the specific needs and requirements of AI Engineers and how recruiters can leverage data to meet these needs.

Your HR Data Journey has to start somewhere. Steven Atkins and Ragu Veeraraghavan of SplashBI show how taking small steps to transform your HR data can improve insights, increase internal mobility, and help focus your recruiting initiatives to drive better results.

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