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The reporting capabilities of recruiting technology have evolved in recent years, equipping Talent Acquisition teams with a wealth of data that are critical for success. And those analytics have meant… Read more

In an era where data reigns supreme, we’ve gathered insights from seven leaders, including cofounders and CEOs, to explore how predictive analytics powered by AI have reshaped their recruitment strategies…. Read more

Job interviews are just a small part of a fine recruitment process, which requires much more tools and insights that can be accessed through trustworthy data. The role of recruitment… Read more

Economists in the United States indicate that a global recession is highly likely, with timing being the main question. Instead of “if“, it is now a matter of “when“. There… Read more

The dynamics of the workplace and workforce continue to change as society as a whole shifts. Our relationship with technology, understanding of science, propensity for activism and the multitude of… Read more

Findem launched Talent Data Cloud, designed to consolidates the entire talent lifecycle and leverage 3D data. Talent Data Cloud integrates applications across the talent lifecycle as well as across internal… Read more

Datapeople introduced Datapeople Insights, an analytics suite that aims to provide talent acquisition teams with insights into their hiring processes.  According to the company, the product helps organizations understand and… Read more

Recruitics released Vision Analytics, a data analysis platform designed to allow the real-time, actionable conversion of data. Vision will act as a centralized reporting hub for recruitment marketers, the company… Read more

Talent management looks vastly different from even five years ago. Today, employers have a high demand for talent with future-ready skill sets, well-functioning teams and lower rates of turnover. Luckily,… Read more

Is your company maximizing all the information you have at your fingertips to succeed in attracting, retaining and developing your talent? Most organizations, even small ones practice some form of… Read more

Finding the right talent to grow your business is an investment that ought to be measured thoroughly before moving forward. Hiring the wrong individuals can impact a business’s bottom line… Read more

The field of talent acquisition has undergone a series of massive changes over the last few years. A focus on efficiency across every industry means that companies are under significant… Read more

Plum knows that when people flourish, business thrives. That’s why the revolutionary talent assessment platform uses predictive psychometric data to inform objective talent decisions, which means companies do not have… Read more

Data analysis has played a role in recruiting for years, and recently, it’s felt like we’ve exhausted all new sources and uses of data. At times, it’s even seemed like… Read more

In today’s business landscape, the phrase “the only constant is change” has never been more true. In fact, constantly changing market and business dynamics have made it increasingly difficult for… Read more

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