What’s Next in Employment Law

In today’s constantly evolving world of work, it’s no secret that emerging technologies like social media is important.  They are also creating challenges when it comes to employment law and HR compliance.  Navigating legal issues and maintaining compliance isn’t easy. 

Download this webinar about a practicing attorney with a dual focus on sourcing and digital law. Antother is a Recruiter at Advanced Resources Technologies.   Derek is also a nationally noted expert on compliance who is specializing in recruiting for intelligence and security clearance roles.

This webinar covers:

  • There are current and upcoming  requirements ensuring every employer has the right people and processes to survive an audit.
  • Although focusing on existing case law and emerging landmark decisions is important -we’ll be looking at the established precedents for social and digital compliance.  Also looking at future decisions with the biggest impacts and implications on day-to-day talent acquisition & management.
  • Learn top trends, tips, tools and resources for employers to be ensuring compliance today. Tomorrow you will be ensuring piece of mind when it comes to compliance.

Learning what every HR and recruiting professionals need to know.  We will try to maximize your social and online presence while minimizing associated legal risks. 

Ryan Leary

Ryan Leary helps create the processes, ideas and innovation that drives RecruitingDaily. He’s our in-house expert for anything related to sourcing, tools or technology. A lead generation and brand buzz building machine, he has built superior funnel systems for some of the industries top HR Tech and Recruitment brands. He is a veteran to the online community and a partner here at RecruitingDaily.