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When companies are looking to hire, they come across two kinds of candidates—active and passive ones: Active candidates are on a proactive quest for new job opportunities; Passive ones, though… Read more

Lauren Kessler outlines six proven steps to help move your most sought-after passive candidates to active opportunities.

Lauren Kessler will outline six proven steps to help move your most sought-after passive candidates to active opportunities.

3 Tips for Motivating Passive Candidates in Uncertain Times Hiring the perfect candidate for your company takes time and effort. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is finding… Read more

  I See You Looking The great white whale of talent acquisition, passive candidates can frustrate and elude even the most seasoned recruiters.  Many will argue is this even a… Read more

    Reaching Passive Candidates through Recruitment Marketing With the U.S. unemployment level hovering somewhere near 3.7 percent and more job openings than there are active candidates, recruiters need to… Read more

Facebook is one of the most powerful digital platforms in the world. With a user population bigger than China, you might say it is a pretty important part of the… Read more

In Part 1 of How to Reach Passive Candidates Using Facebook Ads: It’s About the Context!, I spoke about considering the context of your ad content. You need to remember… Read more

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise: Passive candidates are not on job boards because they are not out looking for jobs. If you really want to reach them you… Read more

If you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, or head of talent, you’ve undoubtedly heard the conventional wisdom that recruiting in the summer is hard with a capital “H.” Countless articles have… Read more

There’s not a day or conference that goes by where a herd of recruiters gather around and try to out complain one another about who hates LinkedIn the most. We watch… Read more

Whether or not you love or hate the often contentious candidate categorization into “active” vs. “passive” job seekers, the truth of the matter is that employers today are increasingly looking… Read more

First off, what defines a passive job seeker? Let’s see, they aren’t necessarily looking for a job. They are happily employed where they are. They are top performers of their… Read more

Staffingbook Launches Marketplace for Passive Candidates » SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Staffingbook, a web-based offering for placing candidates in technology, finance, and accounting positions announces that professionals in these fields are invited… Read more

Recruiting Passive Candidates with Multiple Offers » On the face of it, this title makes no sense. First, how could a passive candidate have multiple offers? Second, who cares? In… Read more

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