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Talview launched a new feature, called Candidate Authentication for Microsoft Teams. The feature uses facial recognition technology and integrates with the company’s online proctored exam solution. Candidate Authentication helps employers… Read more

For a variety of reasons, a small but growing number of employers have integrated AI interviews into their hiring process.

It’s time to reimagine what it means to discover quality talent. When AI-enabled programmatic job advertising combines with the engagement conversational AI provides – the highest possible volume of qualified… Read more

Energy Shift Past Rewind to two months back.  We didn’t “have time” to “think about” how our TA teams were structured or the TA tech we were using.  Emphatically speaking,… Read more

Time to pull out your thinking cap… We want you to take a moment to picture your current job postings. Does this sound familiar? Long text document with 20 to… Read more

Automation.  Tech.  AI.  The HR industry is drowning in tools. This isn’t a bad thing.  We all know this. But evolving the art of human + tech is a completely… Read more

Recruiters never seem to have enough time in the day. There’s a good chance that if you work in TA, you’re reading this in a browser tab that’s open among… Read more

This may come off as a bit too truthful for some people, but let’s go ahead and say it: it’s hard to build a company, sure, but spinning out a… Read more

“We’re sourcers, not sourcerers.” – Jackye Clayton Sourcing sounds a little bit like sorcery, and in some ways they can be a little bit similar. Good sourcing is a mix… Read more

Do you lack… Confidence? Communication? Understanding the modern candidate? (The ability to relate to…) Organizational skills? Get with the program.  You’re on the wrong end of the success ladder. Time… Read more

We’ve been debating the role of tech in recruiting for a while now. Good thing? Bad thing? Indifferent thing? The answer, once and for all: good thing, so long as… Read more

We love ourselves some repeatable, scalable processes. That’s literally how the biggest companies are built — on the backs of processes that can be repeated over and over by different… Read more

Emily Post For Our Times: Text Etiquette For Recruiters Text recruiting is getting bigger (that’s a good thing). It’s a quick and cost-effective way to manage your candidate pipeline. But… Read more

There’s a lot of stuff out there about how to recruit better, but sometimes you just want a few actions you can sit down at your laptop and just, well,… Read more

Hiring is hard. It’s always going to be a challenge, but there are ways to leverage technology and the evolution of communication to make it somewhat easier. In fact, PeopleToGo… Read more

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