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“We’re sourcers, not sourcerers.” – Jackye Clayton

Sourcing sounds a little bit like sorcery, and in some ways they can be a little bit similar. Good sourcing is a mix of skills, habits, and tools. We’ve never really practiced the dark arts, but sorcery seems like a good mix of stuff too.

Every talent acquisition process commences with sourcing, and yet oddly a lot of TA pros lack the proper sourcing skill set. NO MORE!

We’ve got two industry experts bringing you the best of THEIR knowledge, live.

Get ready to learn:

  • Top 5 favorite Boolean hacks
  • Top 3 most effective productivity hacks
  • Biggest reasons why research doesn’t realize ROI
  • How to track, measure, and evaluate everything without losing your mind
  • Why you don’t get respect at your organization
  • When to GSD and when to delegate
  • Staying close to the money / first things first
  • Our 2 most important rules to source by

And as always, lots more.

This webinar is tips, tricks, hacks, and, heck  … in the words of Stefan … this webinar has evvvvvvvverything.

Come through if you’d like to become a better sourcer as the fall hiring season gets ramped up.


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